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15 Travel Phrasal Verbs

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In the summertime, only few of us are not going to hit the road in search of the best tourist destination where we could have proper rest and lots of fun. I hope this post will come in handy as it looks at the phrasal verbs used to talk about things when travelling. Here are 15 travel phrasal verbs you should know.

travel phrasal verbs

Travel phrasal verbs


Meaning: go on a trip
I’m going away next weekend; I’ve been working hard lately and I need some rest.
Sean is going away on a business trip on Monday.


Meaning: leave, start travelling.
We are setting off early in the morning. We want to avoid heavy traffic.
You should check road conditions before setting off.


Meaning: be excited and impatient about something that is going to happen.
I’m looking forward to my summer holiday. I’m dead tired.
Clara is looking forward to her city break in Rome next weekend.

Travel phrasal verbs


Meaning: arrive at a destination.
What time do we get in Paris?
The train got in late last night.


Meaning: enter a bus, train, plane, etc.
I saw them getting on the bus.
It started to rain, but luckily the train arrived, so we got onto it.


Meaning: leave a bus, train, or plane.
We got off the train as soon as it arrived in Manchester.
You cannot get off a plane before it takes off.

Travel phrasal verbs


Meaning: go to a place that someone is leaving from to tell them goodbye.
We saw the children off yesterday. They’ve gone camping.
You’re so nice, Martin. You’ve come to see me off!


Meaning: return to the place you were before.
We are going back home in two days, but I wish we could stay longer.
I had to go back home from the airport because I forgot my passport.


Meaning: arrive at a hotel and get the key to your room.
As soon as they checked in a hotel they went to a restaurant for lunch.
We checked in at two in the morning because the plane was late.


Meaning: leave a hotel after paying for your room and returning the key.
We must check out before 11.
The Thompsons checked out of the hotel and took a taxi to the airport.

Travel phrasal verbs


Meaning: visit a place and look at things there.
They spent all day looking around the town.
Let’s look around Athens while we are here.


Meaning: drive someone somewhere and leave them there, especially if on your way.
Can you drop me off at the station, please?
I’ll drop your kids off at the kindergarten on my way to work.


Meaning: collect
Can you pick me up from the airport tomorrow afternoon, please?
I’ll pick you up at 5. Please, be ready by then!


Meaning: when a plane leaves the ground.
Would you please fasten your seatbelts, the plane is taking off.
I was so excited when the plane took off. It was my first time to fly.

Travel phrasal verbs


Meaning: stay somewhere for some time on your way to somewhere else.
On our way to Spain, we’ll stop over in Rome to see the sights.
The plane will stop over in Frankfurt on its way to Chicago.

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Eduardo · 30 Aug 2019 at 3:06 pm

Thank you so much for this tips , I am learning english and it will be very helpfull 🙂 Thank you

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