In order to really learn the language, it is not enough to know the words only. You need to know collocations, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions. Today, we will be learning 10 expressions with “live”:

  • Live and breathe something
  • Live to tell the tale
  • Live your own life
  • Live and learn!
  • Live in hope
  • Live from hand to mouth
  • Live in the past
  • Man cannot live by bread alone
  • Live a lie
  • Live up to

Live and breathe something

Meaning: be devoted to a particular activity.

I lived and breathed sport while I was a child.

Live to tell the tale

Meaning: survive something dangerous and be able to tell others about it.

Some people survive cancer and live to tell the tale.

Live your own life

Meaning: live your life the way you want, follow your own principles, be independent.

I don’t want to follow in my father’s footsteps. I want to live my own life.

  Expressions with "Live"

  Expressions with “Live”

Live and learn!

Meaning: used to acknowledge a new experience.

I’ll never try to ride my bike in the storm again. Live and learn!

Live in hope

Meaning: remain optimistic.

We live in hope that our daughter will find a good job.

Live from hand to mouth

Meaning: having just enough money to pay the bills and eat.

Ever since my wife stopped working, our family has been living from hand to mouth. We have just enough money for basic necessities.

Live in the past

Meaning: if someone thinks too much about the past and if they believe that things are the same as they were in the past, you can tell them that they’re living in the past.

Stephany has lost her job. I told her to move on because she can’t keep on living in the past forever.

Man cannot live by bread alone

Meaning: People need more things in their lives except food.

Come on! Let’s go clubbing. Man cannon live by bread alone. We need to have some fun as well.

Live a lie

Meaning: to pretend to be something else than you really are.

Is it possible? Your friends don’t know that you’ve changed your job? You must stop living a lie and tell them.

Live up to someone’s expectations

Meaning: used to say that someone or something is as good as expected.

You must admit that he lived up to his parents’ expectations, he graduated from college.

 Expressions with "Live"

Expressions with “Live”

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