Collocations are definitely a very important part of English studies. They are natural expressions of a language. The verb GET forms many expressions such as collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs. Let’s look at the most commonly used 50 collocations with GET in context.

Get a call

I’ve got a call from Phil today. He invited me to his graduation party.

Get a cold

Are you sure you got a cold in this hot weather?

Get dark

Now when the days are shorter, it’s getting dark earlier.

Get a tan

Mary got a lovely tan on her holiday in Greece.

Get out of breath

If you run for a long time, you may get out of breath.

Get started

All the employees are present. Let’s get started with the meeting.

Get hungry

AlthoughI had a big sandwich for lunch, I’m getting hungry.

Get together

Vincent suggested that we get together on Saturday for dinner at his house.

 get together
50 Collocations with GET in Context
Get the chance

People don’t get the chance to enrol on a prestigious college so often.

Get a degree

As soon as I get a degree, I’m going to apply for a job in that company.

Get ready

And now get ready to see the most beautiful city in the world.

Get a haircut

I was at the hairdresser’s today and got a haircut.

Get upset

When I heard how many people died in that earthquake, I got upset.

Get rest

I’ve been working all day. Luckily, I’ve finished and I’m going home to get some rest.

Get into trouble

From now on you’re on your own. Try not to get into trouble.

Get the impression

All of a sudden, Shirley got the impression that she’d already been there before.

Get wet

Don’t go near that pond! You’ll get wet.

 50 Collocations with GET in Context
50 Collocations with GET in context
Get lost

When we were in Viena last summer, Tom and I got lost.

Get stuck

Sorry, I’ll be late for dinner. Unfortunately, I got stuck in traffic.

Get married

Ivone and Garry are getting married on Saturday, so they invited us.

Get divorced

After five years of an unhappy marriage, they got divorced.

Get pregnant

Celia got pregnant soon after they got married.

Get permission

Laura got permission to use her father’s car when she goes clubbing on Saturdays.

Get a job

Do you remember when I went for an interview? Well, I got the job.

Get a joke

Did you get that joke? It’s very funny.

Get dressed

Hold on a moment. I’m coming as soon as I get dressed.

 50 Collocations with GET in Context
50 Collocations with GET in Context
Get drunk

I can’t believe you got drunk after two pints of beer!

Get sacked

Simon’s got sacked. That’s the reason why he has to find a new job.

Get home

What time was it when you got home?

Get old

We are not getting any younger; unfortunately, we’re all getting old.

Get along

Robin accepted the proposal while Vinnie got along with the idea.

Get to know someone/something

Despite their parents’ protests, they were trying to get to know each other by spending time together.  

Get shocked

I’m afraid you’ll get shocked when you hear the news.

 50 Collocations with GET in Context
50 Collocations with GET in Context
Get away

In my opinion, the teacher will not let you get away with this.

Get excited

Children always get excited about birthday parties.

Get going

I think we should get going before it gets too late.

Get on

You should get on that bus to get to Queens Road. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for another one.

Get off

Unless you have permission, you’ll have to get off my property!

Get over

It’s been months since they broke up but he hasn’t got over her yet.

Get somewhere/nowhere

Despite all your efforts, doing things that way will get you nowhere.

Get a life

You can’t play video games all day long. Don’t you think you should get a life?

 get a life
50 Collocations with GET in Context
Get the message

After our conversation, I’m beginning to get the message that you don’t love me anymore.

Get used to

We need to get used to living in a foreign country as soon as we can.

Get the point

I’m a bit confused by your decision to leave, but I get the point.

Get rid of

You don’t need these things. You should get rid of them.

Get into

The burglars got into the house through the window while we were sleeping.

Get out

You should get out in the fresh air because you look as if you’ve seen a ghost.

Get tired

Is it far? I’m getting tired.

Get to sleep

You should stop worrying and try to get to sleep.

Get moving

Let’s get moving because we have to be ready in half an hour.

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