Polite Requests in English

We make requests when we ask someone to do something for us. Therefore, we should be polite and try not to be too direct. If you say: “Lend me your car for the weekend” the person you’re asking for a favour will most probably not lend you the car because you sound rude.  

Polite requests in English

So, how should we ask for a favour?

Like this: “Would you mind lending me your car for the weekend?”  or: “I was wondering if you could possibly lend me your car for the weekend?” If you put an introductory phrase before the question, you will avoid being too direct and your request will be polite, so your chances to get a car would be much bigger.

How to make polite requests in English?

Requests are normally in a question form and usually start with ‘Could you…?’ ‘Can you’ or ‘Would you…?

Could you do me a small favour, please?

Would you pick me up on your way to work? My car’s broken.

Can you help me with my cooking?

Polite requests in English

 Polite requests in English
Polite requests in English

There are many various ways of making polite requests in English, but here are some phrases which can help you in different situations:

  • Would you do me a favour and look after my cat while I’m away? –Yes, of course,/ Sorry, I can’t.
  • Would you mind closing the window, I’m freezing?
  • Could you do me a favour and lend me some money?
  • Could you possibly help me carry these boxes?
  • Sorry to bother you, but can you please help me with this?
  • May/Can I borrow your pen for a second?
  • I wonder if you could/would join us at the picnic on Saturday?
  • If you are not too busy, can I ask for a favour?
  • I don’t suppose you could/would lend me your car for the weekend?
  • I’d really appreciate it if you could/would give me a lift.
  • Will you be passing by the supermarket? I wonder if you could get me a few things. 
 Polite requests in English
Polite requests in English

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