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Adjectives Ending in -ED and -ING

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Although it is not too complicated to understand, many English learners aren’t always sure whether to say someone is bored or boring or something is interesting or interested. Let’s look at the adjectives ending in -ed and -ing.

-ED and -ING Adjectives

Most of these adjectives are based on verbs by adding them -ed or -ing.

Look at these examples:

I like painted furniture.
Do you like smoked meat?
The police are looking for a missing person.
Some people say Leonardo da Vinci invented the first flying machine.

Many –ed and –ing adjectives describe feelings, but we use them in different ways. We use:
  • -ed adjectives to describe how we feel:

I’m confused.
The students are interested.
I feel challenged.
Roger is a bit depressed.

  • -ing adjectives to describe the thing that causes our feelings:

The rules are confusing.
It’s an interesting lesson.
That is a discouraging thought.
What an inspiring idea.

  • We often use –ing adjectives to ask about or give an opinion about something:

Do you think horror films are frightening? (= or they frighten you?)
My cousin is really boring. (= He makes me feel bored)

  • Don’t use –ing adjectives to talk about how you feel

Tell me more about the course.  I am very interesting.   I am very interested.

More example sentences of adjectives ending in -ed and -ing:

I was very tired last night.
The lecture was tiring.
I feel annoyed when you make that silly noise.
Don’t you find Karen’s behaviour annoying?
Peter is confused by the teacher’s question.
The Ikea instruction is totally confusing.
Hundreds of disappointed fans were rushing toward the exit of the stadium.
The company’s profit figures were very disappointing.
The children were so excited when they took them to the zoo.
The film was so exciting. I could barely breathe.
John was surprised when he heard the news.
Things are changing at a surprising speed.
Why didn’t you call? I was worried.
The news about climate change is worrying.
Ryan was amused by the thought of moving to a tropical island.
Peter is the most amusing man I’v ever met.
People are frustrated by our school system.
It can be so frustrating waiting for hours in a telephone queue.
Susan felt tempted to take the biscuit.
The idea of building a house was tempting.
Sara was terrified when she was a giant spider.
There was a horrible accident lat night. The pictures were terrifying

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Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing
Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

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