Collocations for Feelings and Emotions

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at the collocations for feelings and emotions.  

Here is the list of the collocations for feelings and emotions:

  1. Be in a good/bad mood
  2. Be overwhelmed with emotions
  3. Be thrilled to bits
  4. Blissfully happy
  5. Break my heart
  6. Emotional wreck
  7. Have hard feelings
  8. Have mixed feelings
  9. A heavy heart
  10. Sick and tired
  11. Worried sick

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collocations for feelings and emotions.  

Be in a good/bad mood

If you are in a good mood, you are happy and cheerful; if you are in a bad mood, you are depressed and moody.

  • The boss is in a good mood today. We should ask him about the promotion.
  • Michael apologized for not being in a good mood; he had an argument with his wife that morning.
  • Sara has been in a bad mood all day ever since she saw her ex-boyfriend with another woman.
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Be overwhelmed with emotions

If you are overwhelmed with emotions, you are strongly affected by them. Imagine that you are opening your bag and suddenly realizing your wallet is missing. You will probably begin to panic and feel intense emotions about your loss. You may begin to cry or shout. Depending on the emotion, it can be positive or negative. 

  • When she saw her grandson after fifteen years, Fiona was so overwhelmed with emotions that she couldn’t talk. 
  • Sandra was overwhelmed with grief when her friend died.

Be thrilled to bits

If someone is thrilled to bits, they feel great pleasure and excitement about something. It is typically used in passive form.

  • Key was thrilled to bits when she heard that she’d passed her exam.
  • The children were thrilled to bits by the presents.
  • I am thrilled to bits with my new computer. It’s absolutely awesome.

Collocations for feelings and emotions

Blissfully happy

If you are blissfully happy, you are completely happy and content, nothing can spoil it for you. Everything seems nice and easy.

  • Jake and Brenda were blissfully happy with each other. It was obvious that they were meant for each other.
  • Karen seemed blissfully happy.
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Break my heart

When someone you love and care about does something dishonest and unfair to you, when they disappoint you by doing or saying something you didn’t expect them to, you get overwhelmed with grief and sadness, as if someone broke your heart.

  • It broke John’s heart when his wife left him.
  • Is it wise to give her another chance after she broke your heart?

Emotional wreck

We say that someone is an emotional wreck when they feel unhappy, disappointed and confused.

  • When he remembered the war years, he was an emotional wreck.
  • Her unhealthy and poor diet turned her into an emotional wreck.

Collocations for feelings and emotions

Have hard feelings

 Imagine you’ve had an argument with someone and whenever you remember it you feel angry and upset or have hard feelings about it.

  • Ella admitted having hard feelings and bitterness toward her colleagues that led her to change jobs.
  • Ben and I had an argument but I have no hard feelings toward him.

Have mixed feelings

If you feel happy and unhappy about something, you can say you have mixed feelings.

  • Monica had mixed feelings about her new job. She liked it because it wasn’t too demanding, but she didn’t like the salary.
  • I’d love to study abroad but I don’t want to leave my family and friends. I haven’t decided what to do yet because I have mixed feelings about it.
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A heavy heart

If you feel miserable and unhappy about something you can say that you have a heavy heart.

  • With a heavy heart, Sophia turned and waved her husband goodbye from the train.
  • Mark handed his exam paper over with a heavy heart.
  • A light purse makes a heavy heart.

Collocations for feelings and emotions

Sick and tired

A person who is sick and tired is frustrated and fed up with a situation he or she can not change.

  • I am sick and tired of my boring job. 
  • The workers were sick and tired of their boss’s unreasonable demands.

Worried sick

If someone is worried sick, he or she must be extremely worried.

  • Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick about you.
  • Peter was worried sick about what his father would say.

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Collocations for Feelings and Emotions

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