18 Nouns that Describe People’s Character

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. Did you know that we can use nouns instead of adjectives to describe people’s character? In today’s lesson, we will look at them.

Here is the list:

  1. Bigot
  2. Bigwig
  3. Blabbermouth
  4. Bookworm
  5. Breadwinner
  6. Butterfingers
  7. Chatterbox
  8. Copycat
  9. Coward
  10. Crackerjack
  11. Foodie
  12. Glutton
  13. Go-getter
  14. Homemaker
  15. Hypocrite
  16. Mover and shaker
  17. Nag
  18. Peacekeeper

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Nouns that describe people’s character


A bigot is someone who has prejudiced opinions and attitudes toward people of other religions, cultures, races, etc. As a rule, a bigot is usually a fanatic, dogmatist or racist. Anyway, it is a very bad personality trait.

  • Richard is a religious bigot. He doesn’t accept anyone who is not the same religion as he is.
  • Mr. Peterson was well-known as a liar and a bigot.


This noun originates from the eighteenth century when rich and important people used to wear wigs. It refers to powerful people in high places.

  • We are closing the restaurant for business tonight because we are having some local bigwigs coming for dinner.
  • Dean of a college is a bigwig.


A person who talks too much and usually does not care what about, they can often reveal other people’s secrets.

  • Don’t tell Michael what I told you. He’s a blabbermouth and he’ll tell everyone.
  • I was such a blabbermouth when I was little. I would always tell everyone about surprise birthday parties.

Nouns that describe people’s character


Bookworm is an insect that eats books and the name refers to a person who is fond of reading.

  • Monica is such a bookworm. She knows so much about the world from the books but has so little life experience.
  • One of their sons was a bookworm while the other was a couch potato.


A member of the family who makes money for the family is a breadwinner.

  • In the past, men were usually breadwinners in the family.
  • Peter’s wife was not only a successful scientist but also a breadwinner for the family.


We call someone a butterfingers if he or she is clumsy in catching things or dropping the things he/she is holding as if he had butter on his hands.

  • I won’t play basketball with those butterfingers. He can’t keep a ball for more than five seconds.
  • Sorry, I dropped your books. I’m such a butterfingers.

Nouns that describe people’s character


A chatterbox is someone who talks a lot without much to say, especially children.

  • Oliver is a horrible chatterbox. I mean, he is really sweet and funny but his constant talking about everything that happens to him can be quite annoying sometimes.
  • That child is a chatterbox. She never goes a minute without talking.


A person who adopts other people’s behaviour or imitates the way they dress, talk, etc. is called a copycat.

  • Brian is a good tennis player who is always imitating Roger Federer. What a copycat!
  • Celia called me a copycat because I have the same dress as she does.


A coward is a person who doesn’t dare to do the things other people do not consider very difficult.

  • You have to go to the dentist! Don’t be a coward.
  • Martin was labeled a coward but basically, he was just against the war.

Nouns that describe people’s character


We call someone a crackerjack when he or she is exceptionally good at something.

  • Tom is a crackerjack negotiator. He is so persuasive and a great listener.
  • Sandra is a crackerjack chef.


Someone is a foodie if they are exceptionally interested in food and cooking; they are following cooking trends and show interest in different ways of preparing food.

  • Street food in Bangkok is so good that any true foodie wouldn’t miss it.
  • I am not a big foodie but the lasagna was delicious!


A person who eats too much food is called a glutton.

  • I can’t believe you ate the whole pizza, glutton!
  • Anna was a glutton who would eat everything on her plate.

Nouns that describe people’s character


When someone is full of energy and will to succeed, we say that they are go-getters.

  • Lorna was a successful young woman thanks to the fact that she was an energetic and hard-working person – a real go-getter.
  • A true go-getter would never be afraid to take risks.


Some people prefer to stay at home and raise children instead of building a career; they are called homemakers.

  • Martha was a homemaker raising her three children, whereas her husband was working.


A person is considered a hypocrite when they claim to have certain moral standards and beliefs but behave opposite of them.

  • Hypocrites usually present themselves as people with high moral standards they don’t respect in practice.
  • Mike is such a hypocrite. He is always complaining about people being late and he hasn’t been on time once this month.

Nouns that describe people’s character

Mover and shaker

People who have influence, are in a position of power and are willing to make changes so that things can improve are called movers and shakers.

  • Movers and shakers in the music business set up music trends.
  • Elon Musk is a mover and shaker of our time.


A nag is a person who is always complaining and criticizing others in order to make them do something.

  • My mum is such a nug when she wants me to clean my room.
  • Will you stop being a nug? I’ll take the dog for a walk as soon as I finish breakfast.


A peacekeeper is a person who mediates between conflicting sides.

  • My mum was always a peacekeeper when my brother and I were quarrelling.

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Nouns that describe people's character
Nouns that describe people’s character

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