22 Adjectives to Describe Smell

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at 22 adjectives to describe smell.

Here is the list:

  1. Aromatic
  2. Bitter
  3. Clean
  4. Distinctive
  5. Earthy
  6. Fragrant
  7. Fresh
  8. Odd
  9. Pleasant
  10. Pungent
  11. Queer
  12. Rancid
  13. Rich
  14. Sharp
  15. Sugary
  16. Sour
  17. Spicy
  18. Stale
  19. Strong
  20. Sweet
  21. Woody
  22. Zesty

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Adjectives to describe smell
Adjectives to describe smell


Meaning: having a very strong pleasant smell of herbs and spices.

  • When she got into the room she could feel an aromatic smell of oils for massage.


Meaning: having a sharp unpleasant taste.

  • The broccoli soup they prepared had a bitter smell but it tasted nice.


Meaning: Smell of clean is fresh.

  • A clean smell of pine trees and cedar was enveloping the air.


Meaning: easily recognizable smell because it is different from others.

  • This cake has a very distinctive smell of nuts.


Meaning: having a smell like earth.

  • When he got into the shed, the earthy smell got into his nostrils.


Meaning: having a sweet, pleasant smell.

  • The champagne they were drinking had a fragrant smell.
Adjectives to describe smell
Adjectives to describe smell


Meaning: having a pleasant, clean smell.

  • The garden was full of the fresh smell of lemon.


Meaning: having a strange smell.

  • There was an odd smell coming from the fridge.


Meaning: having a delightful and enjoyable smell.

  • The flowers in the vase gave a pleasant smell.


Meaning: smelling very strong and sharp.

  • The dish had a pungent smell because of too many seasonings.


Meaning: smelling strangely and unusually.

  • There is something wrong with this soup. It looks discoloured and has a queer smell.


Meaning: having an unpleasant smell because it is no longer fresh.

  • A rancid smell was coming from the butter box.


Meaning: having a strong pleasant smell.

  • When she took the soup out of its package, a rich smell enveloped the bathroom.
Adjectives to describe smell
Adjectives to describe smell


Meaning: having a sour taste.

  • The grapefruit juice she was drinking had a sharp smell and taste.


Meaning: smelling like sugar.

  • There was a sugary smell coming out of the sweet shop.


Meaning: having a sharp smell like lemon.

  • The room was in a mess and one could feel a strange sour smell.


Meaning: smelling like cooking spice.

  • The drink had a spicy smell like ginger and nuts.


Meaning: smelling like food which is no longer fresh.

  • The police officer could feel a stale smell of drink on the man’s breath.


Meaning: powerful and noticeable smell.

  • She was wearing a very strong perfume.


Meaning: having a pleasant smell, like some sweet-scented flowers.

  • Key’s garden greeted her with a sweet smell of flowers.


Meaning: having a smell like wood.

  • One could feel the woody smell of trees and dead leaves in the park.


Meaning: zesty smell is sweet and sharp.

  • Her deodorant had a zesty smell of citruses and oils.

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Adjectives to Describe Smell
Adjectives to Describe Smell

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