9 Phrasal Verbs with APART

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at 9 phrasal verbs with “apart”

Here is the list:

  1. Blow apart
  2. Come apart
  3. Drift apart
  4. Fall apart
  5. Grow apart
  6. Pull apart
  7. Take apart
  8. Tear apart
  9. Stand apart

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Blow apart

Meaning: to destroy something with an explosion.

  • The tent full of weapons was blown apart by a bomb.
  • The wind was so strong that we thought it would blow apart the house.

You can use blow apart to say that something is completely wrong.

  • New discoveries about the Universe blew apart the old beliefs.

Phrasal Verbs with APART

Come apart

Meaning: to separate or fall into pieces for being in bad condition.

  • Please, hold that very carefully or it will come apart.
  • The chair was so old that it came apart when I tried to sit on it.

To come apart also means to fail.

  • As the party was coming apart, they decided to go somewhere else.

 Drift apart

Meaning: to become less friendly with someone and eventually end a relationship.

  • Mark and Angela argued a lot, so over the years, they drifted apart.
  • They used to be very close, but as they grew older, they just drifted apart.

Fall apart

Meaning: to break into pieces because of bad condition.

  • This book is so old, it’s falling apart.
  • I doubt they’ll get to Manchester on time because Michael’s car is falling apart.

We use this phrasal verb to say that someone is unable to deal with his/her problems.

  • Sandra broke up with her boyfriend and she was falling apart.

Phrasal Verbs with APART

Grow apart

Meaning: to stop being emotionally close to someone over time.

  • After Pete moved away, we grew apart. I hardly ever call him nowadays.
  • They used to be a happy couple, but after a few years, they just grew apart and eventually got divorced.

Pull apart

Meaning: to separate people or animals that are fighting.

  • The two boys began to argue and kick each other, so they had to pull them apart.
  • Their dogs were fighting so they had to pull them apart.

Take apart

Meaning: to dismantle something into parts.

  • Michael likes to take apart old TVs.

It also means to beat someone in a game easily.

  • Manchester was taken apart by the local team.

Tear apart

Meaning: to destroy something in a violent way.

  • The rabbit’s body was torn apart by wild animals.

It also means to make someone worried or upset.

  • Not knowing where her husband was tore her apart.

Stand apart

Meaning: to be different from someone or something in the same category.

  • Diana always stood apart from her colleagues because of her dress style.
  • His art stood apart for its originality.

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Phrasal Verbs with APART
Phrasal Verbs with APART

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