20 Adjectives to Describe Sound

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at 20 adjectives to describe sound.

Here is the list:

  1. Abrupt
  2. Booming
  3. Brittle
  4. Cheerful
  5. Discordant
  6. Distinctive
  7. Distant
  8. Disturbing
  9. Faint
  10. Familiar
  11. Flat
  12. Harmonious
  13. Harsh
  14. Hollow
  15. Melodious
  16. Monotonous
  17. Resonant
  18. Rhythmic
  19. Sizzling
  20. Soft

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Meaning: sudden and unexpected, usually unpleasant, too.

  • Sandra interrupted me in an abrupt tone of voice.


Meaning: making a deep and loud sound.

  • We could hear a characteristic booming sound in the background, played by a local band.
Adjectives to describe sound
Adjectives to describe sound


Meaning: sharp and unpleasant. If your voice is brittle, you sound as if you are about to start crying.

  • The orchestra sounded brittle in tone.
  • Her voice became weak and brittle as if she was to start crying.


Meaning: merry, happy, in good spirits.

  • When they got in, they could hear the cheerful sound of children singing.


Meaning: producing an unpleasant sound. When music is discordant, it is not harmonious; it contains notes that do not go together.

  • From the balcony, they could hear a bustling discordant sound of traffic in the street. 
  • Tom Waits is a famous musician whose music sounds discordant.


Meaning: easy to recognize because it is different from any other sound.

  • The doorbell produced a distinctive sound


Meaning: far away.

  • The meeting was interrupted by the distant sounds of traffic.


Meaning: making you feel upset and worried.

  • She could hear a disturbing sound coming from the pantry. It could be a mouse.


Meaning: not very clear or strong.

  • We heard a faint sound of movement from the ground floor.


Meaning: easily recognisable because you’ve heard it before.

  • Suddenly, he heard the familiar sound of steps coming from the stairs.
Adjectives to describe sound
Adjectives to describe sound


Meaning: not showing much emotion, monotonous.

  • The piano produced a flat sound.


Meaning: having a pleasant harmony, opposite from discordant.

  • When Mark started playing, harmonious sounds spread throughout the room.


Meaning: rough and unpleasant.

  • The harsh sound of scratching was very annoying.


Meaning: making a low sound like hitting an empty object.

  • Knocking on the box produced a hollow sound.


Meaning: pleasant to listen to.

  • When she entered the house, Little Riding Hood could hear a melodious sound.


Meaning: a dull and repetitive sound which is always the same.

  • Tessa was sitting in the chair, listening to the monotonous sound of raindrops.


Meaning: loud and clear.

  • The officer shouted in a sharp, resonant voice.


Meaning: having a regular and repetitive sound or beat.

  • There was a rhythmic sound of the machine working in the back.


Meaning: making a sound produced by food cooking.

  • Sara listened to the sizzling sound of boiling water.


Meaning: not loud, pleasant.

  • The baby was babbling in a soft voice.

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Adjectives to describe sound
Adjectives to describe sound

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