Talking about CHANGE in English

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will be talking about CHANGE in English. In other words, we will look at different collocations and expressions we normally use when talking about change.

Here is the list of collocations to use when talking about change:

  • Make an adjustment
  • Break a habit
  • Life-changing
  • Bring about change
  • Change for the better
  • Change your mind/opinion
  • Change the subject

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Make an adjustment

Meaning: to make a small change to something in order to improve its functioning.

  • I complained to the boss and they made an adjustment to my salary.
  • When my phone broke down, they made a few adjustments to fix it.
  • The writer made a few adjustments to his novel and went to bed.

Break a habit

Meaning: to stop doing something you regularly do, especially if it is bad, unhealthy or harmful.

  • Denis is trying to break the habit of using his mobile phone in bed because of his poor sight.
  • It’s about time you break the habit of eating lunch at your desk.
  • Scientists have invented a new drug which can help you break the habit of smoking.
Talking about change
Talking about change


Meaning: having such a big or important effect that it can change your life.

  • Simon made a life-changing decision and moved to the US.
  • Travelling can be a life-changing experience.
  • Stop caring about what people say will have a life-changing effect on you.

Bring about change

Meaning: to make something happen in order to change the situation.

  • The new manager aims to bring about change in the company.
  • Tom’s point was to bring about change in the life of the village.
  • What could possibly bring about change in Rosie’s judgement?

Change for the better

Meaning: refers to the improvement of a situation.

  • You can’t change for the better by sticking to your old habits. 
  • The doctor said that Mira’s condition is changing for the better.
  • There will be a change for the better in the weather this week.
Talking about change
Talking about change

Change your mind/opinion

Meaning: to change your opinion or decision about something.

  • Martin always thought Travis was lazy, but when he saw him working, he changed his opinion completely.
  • I changed my mind about going to Greece on holiday. We are going to Turkey!
  • If you change your mind about our offer, please let us know.

Change the subject

Meaning: to change the topic of discussion, especially to avoid embarrassment or an awkward moment.

  • When I asked him about his ex-wife, he changed the subject immediately.
  • Mark realised that his guests were feeling a bit uncomfortable talking about the accident, so he changed the subject.
  • Let’s change the subject before we begin to argue.

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Talking about change

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