Collocations with “Corporate”

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. How often do you hear the word “corporate” used in different word combinations? Well, I thought it might be useful to go through some commonly used collocations with “corporate” for your better understanding of English.

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A corporation is a large company or a group of companies acting as a single entity. The adjective is corporate; we use it to talk about big companies. You will usually find it in these collocations:

  1. Corporate assets
  2. Corporate culture
  3. Corporate efforts
  4. Corporate executive/client
  5. Corporate finance
  6. Corporate headquarters
  7. Corporate identity
  8. Corporate image
  9. Corporate ladder

Corporate assets

Meaning: refers to tangible and intangible property which belong to a company. 

  • The two executives were criticized for wasting corporate assets

Corporate culture

Meaning: has to do with the way employees in a company think and act. 

  • Corporate culture is not something you can change easily, butne of the ways could be holding live events.

Corporate efforts

Meaning: employees of the same company work as a team in order to achieve a common goal.

  • Our team made a corporate effort to build trust in a foreign market.

Corporate executive/client

Meaning: a corporate executive is a corporation’s executive officer or any other person responsible for the business of a company, while a corporate client is a person or a company that is a customer of a corporation.

  • Corporate executives must be loyal to their companies.
  • The company organizes all kinds of events for corporal clients.

Corporate finance

Meaning: an area of finance dealing with corporate funding, budgeting, etc.

  • Corporate finance is certainly a rewarding career option.

Corporate headquarters

Meaning:  the place where the company’s main offices are.

  • Martin used to work in our office in Germany, and he is leading the human resources department in the corporate headquarters at the moment.

Corporate identity

Meaning: refers to the way the company is presenting itself to the world.

  • Our company is working on globalizing its corporate identity.

Corporate image

Meaning: corporate image is similar to corporate identity, but the former refers to the perception the company creates in the public eye.

  • Many companies use ad campaigns to improve their corporate image.

Corporate ladder

Meaning: refers to a company’s hierarchy; you will often hear that employees are climbing the corporate ladders as their careers advance.

  • The employees in our company are driven to climb corporate ladders.

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Collocations with “corporate”

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