English Idioms about Negotiations

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at 10 English  idioms about negotiations.

  1. Common ground
  2. Change your mind
  3. Drive/strike a hard bargain
  4. Draw the line
  5. Fall through
  6. Give and take
  7. Put/lay your cards on the table
  8. Make up your mind
  9. Meet someone halfway
  10. Sitting on the fence

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Common ground

Meaning: refers to interests, aims, and opinions we share with other parties involved in the negotiation.

  • The two parties in the negotiation managed to find some common ground despite their disputes and disagreements.
  • The negotiation fell through because the two sides didn’t find common ground.
English Idioms about Negotiations
English idioms about negotiations

Change your mind

Meaning: to change your opinion or plan about something.

  • The real estate agent tried to make his client change his mind, but he failed.
  • If you change your mind about my offer, please let me know.

Drive/strike a hard bargain

Meaning: to argue fiercely in order to make the other side in the negotiation agree to your terms.

  • Mark drove a hard bargain, so he clinched the deal in no time.
  • Members of the union stroke a hard bargain demanding a raise.

Draw the line

Meaning: to set a limit on what you accept or allow.

  • I am flexible when it comes to staying at work after working hours, but I draw the line at working at weekends.
  • Simon decided to draw the line at £20,000.

Fall through

Meaning: a situation when something you’ve planned or arranged fails to happen.

  • The deal we had with the supplier fell through, so I’m afraid we’ll have to get a new supplier.
  • Our plans to renovate the old house fell through.

Give and take

Meaning: to be willing to accept what other sides in a negotiation want and give up something of what you want.

  • If you want to succeed in this business, you’ll have to learn to give and take.
  • There’s been a lot of give and take at the meeting.
English Idioms about Negotiations
English Idioms about Negotiations

Put/lay your cards on the table

Meaning: to be honest about your plans and intentions.

  • I’ll lay my cards on the table; we can’t give you a full-time job, but we have some part-time jobs to offer you.
  • Why don’t you put your cards on the table and tell us your final offer?

Make up your mind

Meaning: to make a decision after serious thinking about it.

  • After he read the reviews carefully, Mark made up his mind and decided to hire that designer.
  • I’m still trying to make up my mind on how much money to offer them for that project.

Meet someone halfway

Meaning: to compromise.

  • I will accept your offer if you meet me halfway and lower the price.
  • We are ready to compromise if we meet halfway on this.

Sit on the fence

Meaning: to remain neutral in negotiations.

  • You need to decide who you will vote for. You can’t sit on the fence forever.
  • If you don’t want to say your opinion you should just sit on the fence and mind your own business.

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English Idioms about Negotiations
English Idioms about Negotiations

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