Phrases with YOURSELF

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at phrases with yourself.

Yourself is a reflexive form of the personal pronoun you. It is used as an object (you took a photo of yourself) and for emphasis (did you build the house yourself?). It is used in a lot of expressions of phrases and here is the list of the 11 phrases with yourself we will look at today:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Behave yourself
  3. Come to yourself
  4. Congratulate yourself
  5. Do-it-yourself
  6. Doubt yourself
  7. Enjoy yourself
  8. Express yourself
  9. Flatter yourself
  10. Get over yourself
  11. Help yourself

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Be yourself

Meaning: to behave naturally.

  • Don’t pretend that you are something else than you really are. Just be yourself.
  • If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to be yourself.

Behave yourself

Meaning: use the phrase to tell someone to act in a proper way.

  • Will you stop fidgeting and behave yourself?
  • Behave yourself and be quiet.

Come to yourself

Meaning: to get back to your normal state.

  • You’re stressed out. Try to come to yourself before the interview.
  • Having a glass of water will help you come to yourself.

Congratulate yourself

Meaning: to be proud of yourself for being successful at something.

  • You should congratulate yourself on a well-done job!
  • It was a great presentation. You can congratulate yourself.


Meaning: to do or make something by yourself rather than pay someone to do it for you. The short form is DIY.

  • Roberta is a do-it-yourself enthusiast. He prefers making things by herself to buying them.
  • My neighbour’s favourite pastime is DIY. He loves making furniture for his home.

Doubt yourself

Meaning: to lack faith in yourself and your abilities.

  • You shouldn’t mind what people say. Don’t doubt yourself and just go for it.
  • If you doubt yourself, you’ll never make it.

Enjoy yourself

Meaning: to have a good time.

  • Did you enjoy yourself during your holiday?
  • Why don’t you let go of your problems and enjoy yourself at the party?

Express yourself

Meaning: to show your ideas, thoughts and feelings.

  • It is a very good idea to try to express yourself through some art form.
  • Your ability to express yourself will reflect on your actions, relationships and beliefs.

Flatter yourself

Meaning: to falsely believe that you are better than others.

  • If you believe that you can win, you are flattering yourself.
  • She’ll never go on a date with you. Don’t flatter yourself.

Get over yourself

Meaning: use the phrase to tell someone to stop being too serious.

  • Will you stop talking like a policeman and get over yourself?
  • Please, stop panicking and get over yourself.

Help yourself

Meaning: use the phrase to give someone permission to do something.

  • The lunch is on the table, please help yourself.
  • “May I use your phone?” “Yes, please, help yourself“.

Keep to yourself

Meaning: to be on your own and avoid contact with others.

  • I noticed that you’ve been keeping to yourself lately. Do you have a problem you want to talk about?

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Phrases with YOURSELF
Phrases with YOURSELF

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