Other Ways to Say ET CETERA

Hi English learners. Are you writing an essay? In today’s lesson, we will look at other ways to say “et cetera”. 

How to build your vocabulary for better writing?

You probably know that using a variety of words and phrases in your writing is essential if you want to write a good essay. The most common way to do it is by reading. When reading, look up the words and phrases you don’t understand in the dictionary and write them down in different contexts. It could also be useful to look at the word roots in order to get more familiar with the language. Another good way to improve your academic writing is by listening. You will improve and revise a lot of language structures and practical grammar use only by attentive listening. And of course, last but not least, write as much as you can and whenever you can. Not only will you practice spelling and grammar but also use a variety of new vocabulary.

“Et cetera” is a Latin phrase we usually put at the end of a list to indicate that more things are included in the list. Its short form is “etc.”

  • You can go to Rome by bus, train, plane, et cetera.
  • The room was full of boxes, balloons, etc.

Here is the list:

  • …and so on
  • …and so forth
  • …and the like/suchlike
  • …at al.
  • among others/other things
  • …and similar
  • …along with others

…and so on

Meaning: we use it at the end of a list to say that there are more similar or related things you can add to it.

  • At the job interview, they were discussing the contract, working hours, salary, and so on.
  • We saw monkeys, lions, tigers and so on in the wildlife park.
Other ways to say ET CETERA
Other ways to say ET CETERA

…and so forth

Meaning: et cetera, and so on.

  • When you move into a new country, you have to register with the embassy, police, and so forth.

You can also say “and so on and so forth” when listing things.

  • Mildred was writing a list of the things to take on holiday: shoes, t-shirts, shorts, swimming trunks, towels, and so on and so forth.

…and the like/suchlike

Meaning: and other similar things, et cetera.

  • Good communication skills include active listening, body language, and the like
  • You can get newspapers, magazines and suchlike things in the kiosk.

…at al.

Meaning: Latin abbreviation for “et alia”. We use it when there are too many authors or scientists to mention who wrote something together.

  • The method is explained in the work by Smith et al.
  • The concert included the works by Liszt, Mozart, et al.

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Among others/other things

Meaning: we use the phrases to say that there are more related things or facts, but we do not want to mention them.

  • Among other things, coffee contains caffeine and tannin.
  • The survey was conducted by Peterson and Johnson, among others.

…and similar

Meaning: we can use the phrase to indicate that there are more relevant things to add but we don’t want to mention them.

  • People who suffer from poor sleep, have nightmares and similar are prone to depression.
  • At the meeting, they talked about new goals, customer feedback and similar.

…along with others

Meaning: use the phrase to say that there are more things or people involved.

  • Martin and his family, along with others were saved after a shooting accident.
  • Mr Keight, along with others, founded a football club in his town.
Other Ways to Say ET CETERA
Other Ways to Say ET CETERA

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