16 Phrasal verbs Related to Technology and Computers

HI English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We are going to look at 16 phrasal verbs related to technology and computers.

  • Back up
  • Hack into
  • Hook up
  • Key in
  • Log in/on
  • Log out
  • Plug in
  • Print out
  • Run out of
  • Scroll up/down
  • Sign in/out
  • Turn off/shut down

Back up

Meaning: to make a second copy of a document, programme, etc. to put it onto a memory stick or a cloud so you can have it if the main source fails.

  • Mildred backed up her ebooks onto a memory stick in case her computer breaks down.
  • It is always a good idea to back up your files onto a floppy disc or cloud in case you lose your computer.

Hack into

Meaning: to enter someone’s computer or network illegally.

  • Have you heard about a computer programmer who hacked into a bank database and transferred money into his bank account?
  • My computer has been hacked into and now it’s full of viruses.
16 Phrasal verbs Related to Technology and Computers
16 Phrasal verbs Related to Technology and Computers

Hook up

Meaning: to connect two pieces of electronic equipment (computer, printer, etc.) or to the electric supply system.

  • Residents of the camp can hook up their laptops to the power supply in the main building.
  • Brian hooked up the microphone to his computer for the party.

Key in

Meaning: to enter information into a computer using a keyboard.

  • When doing an online test, you need to key in the answer in the box.
  • Shall I key in my details at the bottom of the document?

Log in/on

Meaning: to begin using the computer system, by typing a password or performing some other action.

  • Please, log in or register to watch your favourite movies and series.
  • In order to use the website you need to log on first.

Log out

Meaning: to act such as clicking on a button or typing a password to finish using a computer system.

  • Don’t forget to log out before you switch off the computer.
  • After checking your online bank account, always log out.

Plug in

Meaning: to connect a piece of electric or electronical equipment with electric supply or another piece of equipment.

  • The mouse plugs in at the side of the computer.
  • You can plug in your laptop on a power socket over there.
16 Phrasal verbs Related to Technology and Computers
16 Phrasal verbs Related to Technology and Computers

Print out

Meaning: to produce a document in printed paper form.

  • How many copies do you want me to print out?
  • We can use a computer to print out the school tests.

Run out of

Meaning: to use all supply of something so that you have none left.

  • I need a new memory stick. I ran out of space on this one.
  • The printer is running out of paper. Will you buy some?

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Scroll up/down

Meaning: to move text on the computer screen up or down.

  • Scroll up to line 56.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the application form and press the button.

Sign in/out

Meaning: to type your details so you can use a website or perform an action to leave it.

  • You need to sign in to play the game.
  • When using a public computer, remember to sign out before you leave.

Turn off/shut down

Meaning: to finish your doings on the computer.

  • Sandra turned off the computer and left for work.
  • My computer shuts down by itself 10 minutes after I stop using it.
Phrasal verbs Related to Technology and Computers
Phrasal verbs Related to Technology and Computers

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