24 Adjectives to Describe a LEADER

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We are going to look at 24 adjectives to describe a leader.

Here is the list:

  1. Adaptable
  2. Approachable
  3. Assertive
  4. Capable
  5. Communicative
  6. Confident
  7. Creative
  8. Decisive
  9. Dedicated
  10. Detail-oriented
  11. Efficient
  12. Empathetic
  13. Focused
  14. Innovative
  15. Observant
  16. Persistent
  17. Persuasive
  18. Practical
  19. Reliable
  20. Resilient
  21. Resourceful
  22. Self-motivated
  23. Supportive
  24. Thorough


Meaning: a leader who is able to change his/her behaviour and ideas in order to adapt to a new situation.

  • Larry is a highly adaptable team leader who is always trying to find new ways to solve any problematic situation.

 Adjectives to Describe a LEADER


Meaning: friendly, easy to talk to.

  • Being an approachable leader enables you to get answers to any questions easily because your teammates will be more likely to open up to you.


Meaning: a leader who expresses his or her opinions confidently.

  • Michael is an assertive leader who expresses his thoughts and ideas openly and with confidence.


Meaning: a leader who has qualities and the ability to do his tasks successfully. Remember that the collocation is capable of (not capable to)

  • What a capable man our boss is. He has the quality and knowledge to accomplish his tasks and is very well-motivated.


Meaning: having good communication skills, willing to listen to others and give information.

  • Everybody finds Mark very communicative; he is informative and pleasant.
 Adjectives to Describe a LEADER
 Adjectives to Describe a LEADER


Meaning: a leader who is certain in his or her skills and abilities, sure that things are happening the way they expect them to.

  • Peter is quite confident that he’s going to win the election. 


Meaning: á leader who is using imagination to think of new ideas.

  • Elon Musk is a creative leader and one of the most innovative dreamers of our time.


Meaning: a decisive leader can decide about things quickly and with confidence.

  • Monica is a decisive leader who makes up her mind quickly and never gets stressed.


Meaning: a dedicated leader dedicates a lot of effort to the things he believes are important.

  • Paulin is a dedicated team leader. She invests a lot of time and energy into planning and performing her tasks.

 Adjectives to Describe a LEADER


Meaning: a leader who pays a lot of attention to details.

  • Lucy is an analytical, responsible and detail-oriented leader who is fully capable of catching any mistakes which could grow into bigger problems.


Meaning: a leader who performs his/her work in an organized and efficient way without much waste of time, energy, etc.

  • We need an efficient leader for this project who is well-organized, punctual and committed.


Meaning: an empathetic leader is able to see how other people feel.

  • Nigel is always ready to listen to his workmates and understand how they feel because he is empathetic.


Meaning: a leader who pays attention to his/her work with a clear goal in mind.

  • While we were working on that project, Jenifer tried to reduce stress or any tension in her private life and be focused on her work.


Meaning: a leader who uses new ideas in his work.

  • Brian is a creative and innovative leader who is always trying to introduce new methods in his work.
 Adjectives to Describe a LEADER
 Adjectives to Describe a LEADER


Meaning: good at noticing things.

  • Every leader needs to be observant which means taking in his surrounding in order to see each and every member of his team’s potential.


Meaning: a leader who never gives up and continues doing something even when facing a difficult challenge.

  • Andy’s persistence in sticking to that project enabled the company to sign that long-term contract.


Meaning: a leader who is good at making people believe something.

  • The customers always buy our product from Gary because he’s so persuasive. 


Meaning: a leader who is more focused on a real situation and experience than imaginary.

  • We need a practical leader who is capable of carrying out concrete actions based on his knowledge and experience.


Meaning: a leader you can trust and rely on because he/she proved to be trustworthy.

  • If you are punctual, hard-working and reliable, I’m sure you’ll become a team leader eventually.


Meaning: a leader who is able to get back to normal after having problems or difficulties.

  • Mike is an energetic and resilient leader – he is able to work under pressure and move forward despite the difficulties he faces.

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Meaning: a leader who is knowledgable and skilled at finding new ways of doing things.

  • Samantha is a resourceful and adaptable manager who practices thinking outside the box.


Meaning: a leader who doesn’t need outside influence or pressure.

  • Marcus is a good example of a self-motivated manager. He’s always optimistic with his long-term goal in mind.


Meaning: a leader who gives encouragement and support to his team members.

  • This task requires a supportive team leader who will be approachable and show concern for the team at any time.


Meaning: a leader who is capable of doing his/her work completely, paying attention to all details.

  • It may take him time to finish his work but that’s because he’s extremely careful and thorough.
Adjectives to Describe a LEADER
Adjectives to Describe a LEADER

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