Phrasal Verbs Related to FAMILY

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. Today, we will look at 10 phrasal verbs related to family.

Here is the list:

  1. Bring up
  2. Get on with
  3. Get together
  4. Grow up
  5. Look after
  6. Look up to
  7. Make up
  8. Put up with
  9. Take after
  10. Tell off

Bring up

Meaning: to raise a child, teach them how to behave, what to believe, etc. until they become adults.

  • They brought up their children on a farm in the US.
  • When Sofia’s parents died, her grandmother brought her up. 
  • Simon has been brought up to be a fan of Manchester United since he was a baby.

Phrasal Verbs Related to FAMILY

Get on with

Meaning: to have a good relationship with someone.

  • “How do you get on with your sister?” “We’re friends. She lets me wear her clothes, and I cover for her when she’s late.
  • Celia doesn’t get on well with her parents. They are very strict.
  • Mark’s never got on well with his sister. 

Get together

Meaning: to arrange a meeting with people in one place.

  • All the family got together for our cousin’s wedding.
  • I met my uncle in the city the other day and we decided to get together for lunch on Saturday.
  • Our family always gets together for our grandparents’ anniversary once a year.

Grow up

Meaning: to become an adult person gradually by developing and growing.

  • Mary grew up in the country.
  • They live in London, but they still visit the small town they grew up in.
  • Watching your parents get older is a part of growing up.

Phrasal Verbs Related to FAMILY

Look after

Meaning: to care for someone.

  • When his father died, he had to look after his younger sister.
  • We are looking after our grandmother because she’s ill.
  • Can you look after our baby tonight?

Look up to

Meaning: to admire someone in your family, and appreciate their opinion and advice.

  • David has always looked up to his elder brother. He wanted to be like him and cared for his opinion a great deal.
  • My uncle has been a great man. I’ve always looked up to him.
  • You should look up to your sister. She’s eaten everything from her plate!

Make up

Meaning: to be friends again with someone after an argument.

  • Our children tend to fight a lot but they always make it up eventually.
  • Have you made it up with your wife yet? You should take her to a restaurant for dinner and talk to her about your problems.
  • Go on, just kiss and make up.

Phrasal Verbs Related to FAMILY

Put up with

Meaning: to tolerate someone’s behaviour.

  • My teenage son is so moody. He is quite difficult to put up with sometimes.
  • How do you put up with your husband’s drinking problem?
  • Karen has put up with her daughter’s having a pet snake for years, but she decided to put an end to it and give it to the zoo

Take after

Meaning: to be similar to your relative by looks or character.

  • Lorna takes after her mum in appearance and after her dad in character.
  • Martin is into sports. He takes after his uncle who was a marathon runner.
  • Everyone says I take after my grandma.

Tell off

Meaning: to criticise someone for doing something bad, to scold.

  • Maria told her children off for not doing their homework.
  • Tom was hurt when his mum told him off in front of his friends.
  • You know you’ll be told off if you don’t turn off that video game and hit the book?

Phrasal Verbs Related to FAMILY

In order to learn these phrasal verbs you need to use them in your writing or speech. So, don’t be lazy, try to put them into your personal context. For example, think about your siblings and say whether they are difficult or easy to put up with. Did your parents tell you off frequently when you were a child? Who do you take after in your family?

Phrasal Verbs Related to FAMILY
Phrasal Verbs Related to FAMILY

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