Collocations Related to Work

Hi, English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at 15 collocations related to work.

  1. Apply for a job
  2. Be a workaholic
  3. Dead-end job
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. Hold down a job
  6. Holiday pay
  7. Job security
  8. Make a living
  9. Meet a deadline
  10. Pay increase
  11. Sick leave
  12. Take time off work
  13. Take work home
  14. Work long hours
  15. Work overtime

Apply for a job

Meaning: to fill in a form in order to ask for a job.

  • If you want to apply for a job, I know a very good website with lots of good jobs.
  • Lisa applied for a job at her alma mater. She wants to teach Biology there.

Collocations Related to Work

Be a workaholic

Meaning: a person who works a lot and can’t stop working.

  • The doctor told her that she is a workaholic and should take time off work.
  • Brian was a workaholic who worked for 18 hours a day.

Dead-end job

Meaning: a job at which you can’t make any progress regarding your career.

  • Although you are well paid, you should consider changing your dead-end job as a waiter.
  • My dad had a dead-end job in a coal mine.

Flexible working hours

Meaning: working timetable which allows you to start and finish your work when you want.

  • Patrick can help his wife with the children because of his flexible working hours.
  • The new law introduces the right of employees to flexible working hours.

Hold down a job

Meaning: to be successful at keeping the job for a long time.

  • Abby is trying to prove to her parents that she can hold down a job.
  • Michael could never hold down a job for a long time. 

Collocations Related to Work

Holiday pay

Meaning:  salary you get when you are on holiday.

  • Liam didn’t want a job without flexible working hours and holiday pay.
  • She’s working for a multinational company. She’s got 15 days of holiday pay, bonuses, and much more.

Job security

Meaning: to have a permanent job.

  • The employees are interested in greater job security.
  • Although it isn’t much paid, workers are attracted to that it because of job security.

Make a living

Meaning: to earn enough money to pay for food, bills, etc.

  • Ruth made a living working as a chef’s assistant in a hotel.
  • Julia left her office job to try to make a living as a blogger.

Meet a deadline

Meaning: to finish your work on time.

  • He got promoted because he showed the ability to meet deadlines.
  • It is not always easy to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Collocations Related to Work

Pay increase

Meaning: an increase in the amount of money you get as your salary.

  • We always get a pay increase at the end of the year.
  • Our employees got a 2% pay increase this month.

Sick leave

Meaning: absence from work because of an illness.

  • Paul is on sick leave this week. He’s got a bad cold.
  • He was granted sick leave when he showed a medical certificate to his boss.

Take time off work

Meaning: to take a break from work.

  • Joel is planning to take some time off work because he is tired.
  • Ryan is such a workaholic. He never takes time off work.

Take work home

Meaning: to work from home rather than at your workplace.

  • As a teacher, I have to take work home from time to time.
  • Twenty per cent of employees in the UK have to take work home at weekends.

Work long hours

Meaning: work longer than it is usual.

  • Doctors and nurses often work long hours.
  • I used to work long hours as a newspaper reporter but now I have a 9-5 job.

Collocations Related to Work

Work overtime

Meaning: stay at work longer than it is normal.

  • We are having some VIPs for dinner. Could you stay and work overtime tonight?
  • As a single mother, Diana has to work overtime sometimes in order o feed her family.
Collocations Related to Work
Collocations Related to Work

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