22 Common English Expressions with STAY

Hi English learners! Have you stayed up late last weekend? In case you don’t understand the expression keep reading because we will look at 22 common English expressions with STAY.

Here is the list:

  • Be here to stay
  • Stay alive
  • Stay around
  • Stay-at-home
  • Stay awake
  • Stay away
  • Stay calm
  • Stay cool
  • Stay fit
  • Stay healthy
  • Stay in
  • Stay in business
  • Stay in touch
  • Stay out of trouble
  • Stay over
  • Stay put
  • Stay quiet
  • Stay safe
  • Stay still
  • Stay strong
  • Stay true
  • Stay up

Common English Expressions with STAY

Be here to stay

Meaning: to be permanent.

  • I’m afraid reality TV shows are here to stay.

Stay alive

Meaning: still active, to survive.

  • They ate wild animals to stay alive.

Stay around

Meaning: to not leave anywhere.

  • Don’t go anywhere. Stay around in case I need you.


Meaning: a full-time parent.

  • Sandra was a stay-at-home mum.

Stay awake

Meaning: to not fall asleep, to remain awake.

  • Tom wanted to stay awake in order to watch a tennis match.

Stay away

Meaning: to not go near someone or something.

  • You’d better stay away from Gary, I’ve heard he’s bad company.

Stay calm

Meaning: to remain calm and stable.

  • The flight attendant told us to stay calm during the turbulence.

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Stay cool

Meaning: to remain calm.

  • Mark tried to stay cool and not pay attention to his sister’s silly hat.

Common English Expressions with STAY

Stay fit

Meaning: to keep your body in good shape.

  • What do you do to stay fit at your age?

Stay healthy

Meaning: to maintain your health.

  • In order to stay healthy you need to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Stay in

Meaning: not going anywhere, to stay at home.

  • I didn’t go anywhere on Sunday evening. I stayed in and watched a film.

Stay in business

Meaning: to make enough money to keep your business running.

  • If you want to stay in business you have to do better or at least the same as your competitors.

Stay in touch

Meaning: to continue to be in contact with someone.

  • Sophie promised to stay in touch when he moves to Singapore.

Stay out of trouble

Meaning: to avoid problematic situations.

  • When Stuart first went to college, his father told him to stay out of trouble.

Common English Expressions with STAY

Stay over

Meaning: to stay in someone’s home as a guest for the night.

  • Can Ken stay over for the night?

Stay put

Meaning: to remain in a place without moving.

  • Will you please stay put until I finish cutting your hair?

Stay quiet

Meaning: to not make any noise or talk.

  • When the teacher asked Mary what happened, she stayed quiet.

Stay safe

Meaning: to not get into any dangerous situations.

  • If you want to stay safe, don’t swim far from the beach.

Stay still

Meaning: to not move, to remain in place.

  • Will you please stay still while I’m taking a photo?

Stay strong

Meaning: to remain stable in any circumstances.

  • Fiona had to stay strong because she was a single mother.

Stay true

Meaning: to continue acting in accordance with your beliefs.

  • We should always stay true to ourselves and never give up our dreams.

Common English Expressions with STAY

Stay up

Meaning: to remain awake, not fall asleep.

  • I stayed up late last night and I’m tired now.
Common English Expressions with STAY
Common English Expressions with STAY

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