10 Binomial Expressions with “or”

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will learn how to use 10 binomial expressions with “or”.

Here is the list:

  • Do or die
  • Give or take
  • Heads or tails
  • Life or death
  • Make or break
  • More or less
  • Now or never
  • Rain or shine
  • Sooner or later
  • Trick or treat

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Do or die

Meaning: a situation in which you have to be brave and take a risk in order to achieve something.

  • Our football team played very well last night. It was a do-or-die match if you ask me.
  • If you wish to survive in this business you must do or die.

Give or take

Meaning: use it to say that the amount is not exact but approximate.

  • The piece of furniture is 200 years old, give or take 10 years.
  • It takes half an hour to get there, give or take five minutes.

Binomial Expressions with “or”

Heads or tails

Meaning: use it to ask somebody whether they want heads or tails when you toss a coin.

  • If you win this coin toss, we are taking you wherever you like. Heads or tails?
  • Michael threw the coin in the air and asked: “Heads or tails?”


Meaning: a serious situation in which someone may die.

  • Many people in the war-affected area are facing life-or-death situations on a daily basis.
  • Getting to college isn’t a life-or-death situation, so stop being nervous!

Make or break

Meaning: to be successful or to fail.

  • This board’s recognition can make or break your career.
  • High expectations can make or break a relationship.
Binomial Expressions with “or”
Binomial Expressions with “or”

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More or less

Meaning: mostly; approximately.

  • Houses in the two neighbouring countries were more or less the same.
  • David could earn more or less £100 a night in that club.

Now or never

Meaning: you must do something now because there will be no other chance.

  • The discount won’t last forever, so are you buying it or not – it’s now or never.
  • You have to make up your mind, it’s now or never.

Binomial Expressions with “or”

Rain or shine

Meaning: whatever happens.

  • Jane goes cycling every day, rain or shine.
  • Rain or shine, Brian is always in his office at 8.

Sooner or later

Meaning: something will happen in the future, although we are not sure when.

  • if you don’t have time for your health, you will have to have time for your illness sooner or later.
  • Katie was sure the police will catch the thief who stole her bicycle sooner or later.

Trick or treat

Meaning: asked by children on Halloween.

  • Trick and treat is a Halloween activity where children go from house to house and ask people what they want – trick or treat.
  • Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something nice to eat.
Binomial Expressions with “or”
Binomial Expressions with “or”

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