Words and Phrases to Show Cause 

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at the words and phrases to show cause.

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Here is the list:

  • Accordingly
  • As a result
  • Because
  • Because of
  • Consequently
  • Due to
  • For this reason
  • Otherwise
  • Since
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • Hence


Meaning: in a way that is suitable for the particular situation.

  • After they read the instructions, the team acted accordingly.
  • Sandra was a great lawyer, and she was paid accordingly.
  • Accordingly, some adequate actions were taken to rescue the victims of the flood.

As a result

Meaning: because of something.

  • Many animal species are becoming extinct today as a result of deforestation and pollution.
  • The team was training hard and as a result, they won the Cup.
  • Karen was immune to that kind of measles as a result of vaccination.


Meaning: for the reason that.

  • The baby cried because she was hungry.
  • There is no need to apologize because it’s not your fault.
  • All his friends called him Rob because his name was Robert.

Words and Phrases to Show Cause

Because of

Meaning: used before a noun phrase to show the reason for something.

  • They released the prisoner because of his good conduct.
  • Tom didn’t go to work because of his leg injury.
  • Your flight was cancelled because of the bad weather.


Meaning: therefore; as a result.

  • There was heavy snow in the streets this morning and consequently, the public transport didn’t work at all.
  • Fiona was a diligent student and consequently, she got a scholarship to a prestigious college.
  • Pollution is a threat to agriculture and consequently, to human health.

Due to

Meaning: because of.

  • The concert was cancelled due to the cold weather and ice rain.
  • Due to his injury, the footballer couldn’t play the game.
  • She was aware that most customers liked doing business with her due to the fact that she was pretty.

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Words and Phrases to Show Cause
Words and Phrases to Show Cause

For this/that reason

Meaning: because of this.

  • It was for this reason that Sean decided to go on holiday by himself.
  • I’d like to apologise and for that reason, I got you a bunch of flowers.
  • There was an accident in the mine and for this reason, it was closed.


Meaning: use it to state the result if things were different.

  • You’d better walk slowly; otherwise, you might fall.
  • Will you please turn off the cooker or otherwise our dinner will be overcooked.
  • Let’s shake a leg. Otherwise, we’ll miss our flight.


Meaning: because.

  • I think we should cancel the barbeque party in the backyard since it rained last night and everything is wet.
  • Since we were in a  hurry, we didn’t have lunch.
  • Amanda has become rather popular lately since she was elected the employee of the year.


Meaning: for that reason.

  • Their new flat was much more spacious and therefore more comfortable.
  • Michael was only 14 and therefore too young to drive.
  • A very important thing, therefore, is to believe in yourself.

Words and Phrases to Show Cause


Meaning: therefore, for that reason.

  • He was always late for work; thus, he was fired.
  • Adam sold his car, thus having enough money to move abroad.
  • Thus, the country was at war for the next five years.


Meaning: for this reason.

  • Mario was Italian, hence he was considered the best pasta sauce cook in the camp.
  • Using drugs can cause severe damage to vital organs and hence death.
  • I feel ashamed of myself and hence I’d like to apologise.
Words and Phrases to Show Cause
Words and Phrases to Show Cause

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