Idioms about EARTH

Hi English learners.Welcome to a new lesson. We will go through 10 idioms about earth.

Here is the list:

  • Move heaven and earth
  • Salt of the earth
  • On the face of the earth
  • Back/down to Earth
  • To earth up
  • Go to the ends of the earth
  • Cost the earth
  • Heaven on earth
  • Hell on earth
  • Earth-shattering

Move heaven and earth

Meaning: to do whatever it takes to achieve something.

  • When his dog got lost, Brian moved heaven and earth to find it.
  • Celia moved heaven and earth to get that job.

Salt of the earth

 Meaning: an exceptionally good, kind and honest person.

  • Mark is a hard-working, honest man. He’s the salt of the earth.
  • Being a great benefactor of a charity, he deserved to be considered the salt of the earth.

On the face of the earth

Meaning: used to describe something as the best, the biggest, etc. in the world.

  • When his son won the Olympic medal, he was the proudest man on the face of the earth.
  • No man on the face of the earth could explain Maths better than our Maths teacher.

Back/down to Earth

Meaning: to face the reality.

  • After her holiday in Thailand, Julia had to come back to earth and start working again.
  • Kevin came back down to earth when his boss told him he was fired.

To earth up

Meaning: to cover a plant with soil in order to protect it from cold or similar.

  • They earthed up the plant gently to protect it from frost.
  • You mustn’t forget to earth up the roots firmly when you plant the trees.

Go to the ends of the earth

Meaning: to do everything in your power to achieve something.

  • Peter loved his children so much that he would go to the ends of the earth to make them happy.
  • She would go to the ends of the earth to be with her husband.

Cost the earth

Meaning: to be very expensive.

  • These shoes look nice but they must cost the earth.
  • Fresh paint can refresh the room and won’t cost the earth.

Heaven on earth

Meaning: a pleasant and enjoyable place.

  • Believe me, if there is heaven on earth then it is the island we spent our honeymoon on.
  • Living in the village in the south of Ireland was heaven on earth for Ryan.

Hell on earth

Meaning: an extremely unpleasant situation.

  • The time he spent in prison was hell on earth.
  • The people who survived the horrors of the nazi camps described it as hell on earth.


Meaning: shocking and surprising.

  • The diagnosis was earth-shattering news.
  • If the video contains some earth-shattering pictures, you may dismiss it.
Idioms about EARTH
Idioms about EARTH

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