Phrasal Verbs Related to HEALTH

Hi English learners! Do you feel like you are coming down with the flu? If you don’t understand, read the blog post to find out the meanings and how to use phrasal verbs related to health.

Here is the list:

  • Break out
  • Clog up
  • Come down with
  • Come round
  • Fight off
  • Get over
  • Let up
  • Pick up
  • Swell up
  • Throw up

Break out

Meaning: to suddenly get a rash or similar.

  • Mark broke out in a rash after eating peanut butter. We didn’t know he was allergic.
  • When the wasp stung her, Sara broke out in a cold sweat.

Clog up

Meaning: to block.

  • Diet rich in unhealthy fats will clog up your arteries sooner or later.
  • I am having a sore throat and my lungs seem clogged up.
Phrasal Verbs Related to HEALTH
Phrasal Verbs Related to HEALTH

Come down with

Meaning: to begin being ill.

  • Sean is not coming to work today; he came down with the flu.
  • Have you ever come down with measles?

Come round

Meaning: to become conscious again after an operation or similar.

  • The patient’s coming round after the anaesthetics.
  • Mary fainted but she’s coming round. 

Fight off

Meaning: to defend yourself against an illness.

  • The medicine is a good cure to fight off infection.
  • Our immune system naturally fights off illness.

Get over

Meaning: to recover after an illness.

  • It took him a few days to get over the operation.
  • The doctor told me I will get over the flu more quickly if I drink vitamin C. 
Phrasal Verbs Related to HEALTH
Phrasal Verbs Related to HEALTH

Let up

Meaning: to become less strong.

  • Mary had a fever all night but it let up by morning.
  • The pain was so strong; I thought it’ll never let up.

Pick up

Meaning: to catch an illness,  especially if you’re travelling.

  • I picked up a virus on my trip to Egypt.
  • Our holiday was great until I picked up the flu and stayed in bed for three days.

Swell up

Meaning: when part of your body becomes bigger in size.

  • Michael could see his leg swelling up when the bee stung him.
  • The virus can cause swelling (up).

Throw up

Meaning: to vomit.

  • The disgusting smell made him throw up.
  • Mark was so sick that he threw up his food.
Phrasal Verbs Related to HEALTH
Phrasal Verbs Related to HEALTH

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