Phrasal verbs with GROW

Hi English learners! You already know how important phrasal verbs are. Here is a lesson about phrasal verbs with GROW to help you on your English learning journey.

Grow apart

If two people grow apart then they are becoming less and less close.

  • After they finished school, they moved to different cities and eventually grew apart.
  • Amanda and her husband grew apart after they got divorced and eventually stopped seeing each other.

Grow away from

This is a similar phrasal verb. To grow away from someone means to become more and more distant.

  • Children usually grow away from their families when they leave home.
  • Although they live in different countries the two friends have never grown away from each other.


  • The rose in the garden is growing away from the wall. You should fix it.

Phrasal verbs with GROW

Grow back

If something grows back, then it grows again after being damaged or cut.

  • They shaved her head before the operation but her hair grew back.
  • We mowed the grass in the garden and it grew back even stronger.

Grow into

We normally use this phrasal verb to say that a child has grown enough to be able to wear some clothes.

  • Sean is still small but he’ll grow into that jacket in a month or two.
  • I always buy clothes a bit big for my children so they grow into them and wear them longer.

It also means to develop.

  • Robert has grown from an insecure teenager into a confident responsible man.
  • A silly problem grew into a serious dispute between the two countries.

Phrasal verbs with GROW

Grow out

This is an opposite phrasal verb. For example, if a piece of clothing no longer fits a child, we say that they grew out of it.

  • Michael is growing so fast. He’s already grown out of the t-shirt I got him last month.

It also means to stop doing something as you grow older.

  • Maria used to bite nails back in high school but she’s grown out of it.
  • He was thinking about studying chemistry but he grew out of the idea and decided to become an artist.

If you die or cut your hair, we say that the new hair has grown out.

  • I need to go to the hairdresser.  My hair’s grown out. 
  • Let your hair grow out a centimeter or two before you dye it again.

Grow on

If someone or something grows on you, you begin to like them.

  • I didn’t like Adele much when she first started singing but she’s grown on me and now I can’t imagine my life without her music.
  • The small town I live in now has grown on me. I really like the peace and quiet and everything about it.

Phrasal verbs with GROW

Grow up

To grow up means to become an adult person.

  • Martin was a lovely child but as he grew up he became delinquent.
  • Stop playing video games and grow up already!

For plants, it means to grow higher.

  • All plants grow up towards the light.
Phrasal verbs with GROW
Phrasal verbs with GROW

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