Ways to Say “Strange” in English

Hi dear English learners! As you’ve probably noticed during your English learning journey, a good vocabulary is essential. It enables you to enjoy listening and reading and eases your comprehension in general. As a global language, English has been developing rapidly in the past decades and therefore has a way richer vocabulary than any other language. In that sense, I’ve prepared a lesson about different ways to say “strange” in English.

Ways to say “strange” in English


Something bizarre is unusual and difficult to explain.

  • The weather these days is pretty bizarre. It is changing all the time; It’s sunny in the morning and rainy and cold in the afternoon. I just don’t know what to wear.
  • Ryan’s girlfriend has a very bizarre taste in clothing. 


If you are eccentric, then you behave in a different way from most people.

  • My neighbour is a bit eccentric middle-aged person who has over twenty cats in her home.
  • Robert is considered eccentric for his behaviour and the way he dresses.


An extraordinary person is unusual in a surprising way.

  • There was a party in the house and he was sleeping next door. How extraordinary!
  • The professor’s explanation of climate change is the most fascinating and extraordinary theory I’ve ever heard.

Ways to say “strange” in English


 If something is discordant, it is strange and unsuitable or not matching.

  • Pink walls gave a discordant note to the shabby building.
  • His research was based on the study of discordant twins.


Something which is far-out is very unusual or eccentric.

  • Martin’s got a great job thanks to his far-out invention.
  • My little brother has some far-out ideas about aliens and life on other planets.


Something foreign is atypical or strange.

  • When he heard the news, David got really sad, which was foreign to his cheerful nature.
  • He couldn’t understand much of the lecture because the language of science was foreign to him.

Ways to say “strange” in English


If something is peculiar, then it is weird or strange in an unpleasant way.

  • The man we asked for direction gave a peculiar smell.
  • There was something peculiar in the way he was talking to his wife.


Something uncanny is strange in a mysterious way.

  • Ever since she showed up at the party, Debora had an uncanny feeling somebody was watching her.
  • Philip possessed an uncanny resemblance to his uncle.


if something is unreal, it is so strange that you think it is not real.

  • At the beginning of his great career as a rock musician, everything seemed unreal.
  • Snow in August! It’s totally unreal!

Ways to say “strange” in English


A weird thing or person is unusual or difficult to explain.

  • Did you know that dolphins sleep with one eye open? It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.
  • Thomas is a great guy but he has a weird hobby of treasure hunting.


If something or someone is zany, it is strange in a funny way.

  • My grandpa always makes me laugh with his zany sense of humour.
  • I love Rowan Atkinson; he’s such a zany comedian.
Ways to Say “Strange” in English
Ways to Say “Strange” in English
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