Ways  to Use the Word OVER 

Hi English learners!  Do you find the word “over” confusing sometimes? Should you say ‘the picture is over the cupboard’  or ‘the picture is above the cupboard’? ‘Well, keep reading, because I’m about to explain 10 ways to use the word OVER in English.

Over as a preposition

The word “over” is very versatile and it is most commonly used as a preposition to tell about the position of something which is in a higher position than something else:

  • It was cold, so she put a blanket over her.
  • The air balloon was flying over the valley.

Ways to use the word OVER

Over as an adverb

It can also be used as an adverb to talk about something which is moving above:

  • The horse fell over and broke its leg.
  • Sandra leaned over to take the letter from the table.
  • The children climbed the tree and peered over.
Over meaning “across”

People have been going over this bridge for centuries.

  • The dog jumped over the fence.
  • They had a beautiful view over the park from their hotel room.

Ways to use the word OVER

Over meaning “more than”
  • They sold over 3 million copies of this book.
  • My aunt stayed with us for over a week.

More often than not, English students are not sure whether to use over or above, so you can check out the lesson about the difference between over and above here.

Over meaning “on the other side
  • Can you see that building over there?
  • There is a nice restaurant just over the street.

Ways to use the word OVER

Over meaning that something is finished
  • I don’t want to see you anymore. This relationship is over.
  • Building the house will be over by the end of the summer.
Over meaning “through a period of time
  • My sister stayed with us over the weekend.
  • She has changed a lot over the years.

Ways to use the word OVER

Over as a prefix
  • I think that some athletes are overpaid.
  • I like this coat but in my opinion, it’s overpriced.
Over and over

If something happens over and over (again), then it happens many times.

  • You should practice doing it over and over again until you do it right.
  • Mark kept repeating the poem over and over for a while.
All over 

Meaning of the phrase “all over is” is everywhere.

  • She spilt the milk all over the table.
  • This position includes travelling all over the world.

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