Vocabulary: Looking for a Job

Hi dear Engish learners! Are you looking for a job? Well, here is some useful vocabulary you may need if you are looking for employment in English. Let’s check it out – vocabulary: looking for a job.

Applicant / candidate 

An applicant or candidate is a person who applies for a job.  

  • There were few applicants for this job so I hope they’ll invite me for an interview.

Application form

To apply for a job, you need to fill in an application form. It consists of a list of questions related to your education, previous work experience, etc.

  • Before sending an email, attach your CV and a photo to your application form.

Vocabulary: Looking for a Job

CV (curriculum vitae) / Enclose a CV

CV (lat. curriculum vitae) is your short work biography or document to give details about your education, previous employment, skills you have, etc. When applying for a job you need to enclose a CV altogether with the application form.

  • Your CV must be flawless so make sure everything in it is true and accurate.
  • When applying for a job, you need to enclose a CV in your email or a letter.

Covering letter

A covering letter or motivational letter is your statement that explains shortly the content of the other documents attached in your email or a letter.

  • Please, send your CV and a covering letter to the following email address.

Vocabulary: Looking for a Job


An employer is an organization or a person that hires people.

  • When I last applied for a job I had references from my former employer.

Interview / interviewer

After an employer reads your application form, CV and other documents you sent in, they may invite you for an interview. If so, you need to prepare to answer the interviewer’s questions about yourself, your work experience, education, your preferences related to work, etc.

  • I hope they’ll hire me. My interview lasted for two hours. The interviewer asked me about a lot of things; he was very polite and professional though.

Vocabulary: Looking for a Job

Job advertisement

A text that describes a job. It includes information about the job requirements as well as the qualities of a potential candidate.

  • You can apply for the job if you meet the requirements stated in the job advertisement.

Previous experience

An interviewer may want to ask you about your work experience at your previous job to check whether you are suitable for the job.

  • Make sure when talking about your work experience that it matches the facts in your CV.

Vocabulary: Looking for a Job

Job  prospects

Refers to your chances to be successful in a particular job.

  • Many graduates now choose to complete an M.A. degree for better job prospects.


Your qualifications are the examinations you passed successfully while studying.

  • When applying for a job, you need to list your qualifications and work experience.


To recruit means to persuade somebody to work for an organization.

  • Some hotels on the sea coast are recruiting seasonal workers during the summer months. Shall we apply?

Vocabulary: Looking for a Job

Referee / references

A referee is usually your former employer or a boss/colleague who is willing to write a short note describing you as a worker. The note is called a reference and it is supposed to praise you as a worker.

  • My ex-boss acted as a referee and wrote a lovely reference for me. It pays to be a good employee.


Job requirements are your qualities, skills, education, experience, etc. that are needed for the job.

  • If you want to land the job, you must meet the job requirements.

Vocabulary: Looking for a Job


Your skills are your abilities to do something well thanks to your education and work experience.

  • They are looking for a candidate with good communication and organizational skills, as well as knowledge of two foreign languages.

Starting salary

When applying for a job you may be informed about your starting salary, which is a fixed amount of money you get to perform a particular job. 

  • I didn’t apply for that job because the starting salary isn’t enough to support a family.

Vocabulary: Looking for a Job

Strengths and weaknesses

Your strengths are your best work qualities; while weaknesses are your bad characteristics related to work.

  • When going for a job interview, you’ll have to tell them about your strengths and weaknesses so they know who they are dealing with.

Working conditions

Working conditions are a part of a job description and they refer to the aspects such as the working environment and conditions of work: salary, requirements, working hours, etc.

  • Factory workers demonstrated for better working conditions.
Vocabulary: Looking for a Job
Vocabulary: Looking for a Job

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