Words and phrases to Use instead of THEREFORE

Hi dear English learners. Here is another lesson for you to learn different ways to say therefore. In case you are writing an essay or are involved in business correspondence quite often, you probably need to know all these words in order to make your writing more interesting, diverse and eloquent. Here are 10 words and phrases to use instead of therefore.

  • Accordingly
  • As a consequence / consequently
  • As a result
  • Ergo
  • For this reason
  • Hence
  • So
  • Thereby
  • Thus
  • With the result that

Therefore is an adverb and it is a more formal way to say so. Use it when you want to say that something is happening as a result of something else or when someone does/says something as a consequence of something previously done or said.

  • The park was totally dark. Therefore it was no use searching for the dog.
  • This laptop is very light and therefore very convenient for carrying around.
  • Therefore, you must make sure that your application form is properly filled in.


Accordingly is an adverb meaning as a result or therefore.

  • Tom doesn’t know anything about boats; accordingly, he can’t ride one.
  • There was no snow when they arrived at the resort; accordingly, they couldn’t go skiing.
  • A few members of the club haven’t attended meetings for more than a year; accordingly, they were removed from the list.

Words and Phrases to use instead of THEREFORE

As a consequence / consequently

We normally use these phrases to say that because of a certain situation, something else happens. As a consequence and consequently are pretty formal expressions.

  • Ryan was badly injured in a car accident. Consequently, he had his leg amputated.
  • There are more and more floods in coastal areas of the Indian subcontinent as a consequence of global warming.
  • We are writing to confirm the offer that we made as a consequence of our recent discussion.

As a result

As a result is similar to the previous ones, but less formal. It can be used in both spoken and written language. Use it to say that because of a certain situation something else happens.

  • The village disappeared from the face of the earth as a result of the nearby volcano’s activity.
  • Thomas became the manager of the department as a result of the previous manager’s illness.
  • In 1898 the borders between the two countries were moved to the east as a result of mutual agreement.


Ergo is a Latin word meaning therefore.  It is formal, but if you want to sound fancy, you can use it in your everyday spoken English.

  • I’m afraid I have to attend a meeting of the committee this afternoon; ergo, I won’t be able to come to the party.
  • Ergo, these numbers suggest that most visitors to the church were tourists from the nearby hotels.
  • Our water bill is unusually high this month. Ergo, shall we stop changing the water in the swimming pool so often?

For this reason

You can use this phrase in singular or in the plural – for these reasons. Use it to state the reason.

  • I left the meeting early; for this reason, I don’t know much about the next activity.
  • Nick wanted to stay away from his job for some time; for this reason, he went out to dinner with friends.
  • Brenda didn’t have any real knowledge or connections. For these reasons, she couldn’t be accepted into the secret society.

Words and Phrases to use instead of THEREFORE


Hence is another formal way of saying therefore. As such, it is mostly used in writing. It’s an adverb and this is how it is used in a sentence:

  • This item is extremely valuable. Hence, be careful how you handle it.
  • This is to confirm that Megan has completed the course. Hence, she is now a fully qualified translator.
  • It was snowing heavily last night and most roads are blocked, hence it is not safe to drive until they’re cleaned.


So is a conjunction meaning as a result of something else. Use it as subordinate conjunction to introduce the result of something.

  • Simona stayed up late last night and got up early so she was very tired.
  • I found out that travelling by railway is much cheaper than by bus so I decided to take the train. Besides, it’s more comfortable.
  • There have been a lot of arguments about the product’s safety so it was withdrawn from the market.


Thereby is an adverb that tells us what the result of something is. Use it in the middle of a sentence, with a comma. It is a formal phrase.

  • The government has made labour laws more flexible, thereby making it easier for businesses to fire workers.
  • The Lord succeeded to his father’s peerage and thereby liberated the leadership of the House of Commons.
  • The substance is quickly absorbed and can thereby lead to life-threatening consequences.


Thus is a formal word, meaning as a result or a consequence of something else. Use it to introduce a logical conclusion for something previously stated.

  • Although the number of dead and injured people in the war zone has decreased, the number of people affected has increased thus creating great humanitarian requirements.
  • More and more students attend schools and colleges online thus creating a sort of social isolation.
  • Mary helped her mother in the kitchen quite a lot; thus she became a very good chef.

With the result that

Use the phrase to say that because of some situation, something else happens or exists. 

  • We worked really hard to find the best solution for the car engine with the result that the export has increased a lot compared to the previous period.  
  • The city authorities didn’t care about the old bridge with the result that it became quite unusable.
  • The traffic was very slow because of the roadworks with the result that we were an hour late for the meeting. 
Words and Phrases to Use instead of THEREFORE
Words and Phrases to Use instead of THEREFORE
Words and phrases to use instead of THEREFORE
Words and phrases to use instead of THEREFORE

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