As you know, a brave person is someone who is not afraid in dangerous situations. Don’t you think you’re overusing this adjective? Well, let’s improve your vocabulary with these synonyms. Learn different ways to say “brave”. 


Meaning: A person who is inclined to be involved in some new risky things, usually for fun.

For example:

  • Have you heard of that adventurous man who went along the Amazon River?
  • How does someone who’s so adventurous as you are ends up as an accountant?
  • My wife’s trying to be more adventurous, so we’re buying a house on wheels. We’re going to travel all around the country.


Meaning: A bold person is someone who is not afraid in risky and dangerous situations.

For example:

  • It was a bold move to threaten that man with a gun.
  • A leading actor is a bold man in his forties who is fighting for his family.
  • I suppose it wasn’t very bold to leave your job without having an alternative one.


Meaning: Someone who shows courage, brave.

For example:

  • Covid-19 vaccines present a courageous way to find a cure for the nasty virus.
  • Except for a few courageous spectators at the stadium, everyone else ran away from the police.
  • We should all admire their courageous decision to move abroad.


Meaning: A daring person is courageous in taking risks.

For example: 

  • It takes a daring person to give up a steady job and start a business of your own.
  • They finally took that daring step and went mountain climbing in the Andes.
  • James Bond performed a fairly daring escape in that film.


Meaning: A person who is determined and fearless.

  • You must admit that people who go skydiving are dauntless.
  • Sara wasn’t dauntless enough to leave her job.
  • As a dauntless soldier, you have to follow orders you don’t always agree with.


Meaning: A fearless person feels no fear.

  • Everything seems easy when you’re young and fearless.
  • Most children are fearless and quick to interact with unfamiliar surroundings.
  • The army of Alexander the Great was great and fearless.


Meaning: A person who is extremely brave and fearless in dangerous situations.

  • Brian was a member of a team of intrepid scientists and explorers in Antarctica.
  • Intrepid pilgrims set sails in 1620 to make new lives in America.
  • Laura was an intrepid woman who wasn’t afraid of anything.


Meaning: If a person is valiant, then he or she is extremely brave and determined.

For example:

  • The king was a valiant leader who showed no fear facing the country’s enemies.
  • Her struggle against cancer was frightening and she was so valiant.
  • Amelia Earhart was one of the most valiant women in American history because she was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic – alone.
Different Ways to Say "Brave"
Different Ways to Say “Brave”

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