You know what collocations are. They are words that naturally go together. It is very important to understand which words collocate if you want to sound natural and be well-understood in a foreign language. Here are some useful collocations with “move” which can help you on your English learning journey:

Good/bad/important/smart/clever move

I believe that one smart move could stop the war.

It was a clever move to call it a day and go home.

Make a move

Judith couldn’t make a move when the lights went out.

Move back to

After some consideration, John decided to move back to his old lifestyle.

Move away from

It is written on the sign to move away from the lion’s cage!

Move house

The Tailors are moving house at the weekend. They asked if we could help them.

Move to/towards

She made a move towards the car when she saw a big rattling snake.

Collocations with "move"
Collocations with “move”

Move in the right direction

After some time, we found the place on the map and started moving in the right direction.

Be/keep on the move

His job kept him on the move.

After his friend was arrested, he tried to be always on the move.

Watch someone’s every move

The police have been watching his every move ever since he got out of prison.

Get a move on

We are leaving soon, so you’d better get a move on!

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