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10 Idioms Starting with “DON’T”

How many times have you heard these ‘don’t’ expressions on TV or on the Internet and you couldn’t understand their meaning? Here is the chance to learn more about them.

Don’t get me wrong – don’t misunderstand me.

Ex: Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to help you but I’m busy.

Don’t give me that (line)! – telling someone that you don’t believe their excuse.

Ex: Don’t give me that! I know where you spent the money I gave you.

Don’t give up the day job! – funny way to tell someone to continue doing something rather than start doing something they’re unlikely to be successful at.

Ex: Do you really want to play in a band? My advice is, don’t give up your day job.

Don’t get mad, get even – advice to someone to get revenge instead of being angry with a person who harmed them.

Ex: When her husband left her for a younger woman, I told her not to get mad but to get even.

Don’t hold your breath – used to say that something might not happen as we expect it.

Ex: She promised to buy the tickets for the football match but don’t hold your breath.

Don’t give it another thought – telling someone not to worry after they apologized.

Ex: I know you’re sorry for the broken plate but don’t give it another thought. I’ve got plenty of them.

Don’t mention it – a polite way to say ‘you’re welcome’

Ex: – Thank you for the book! – Don’t mention it.

Don’t make me laugh! – reaction to something that seems impossible.

Ex: Don’t make me laugh. You can’t finish that report by tomorrow.

Don’t shoot (blame) the messenger – don’t be angry with the bearer of bad news instead of the person who caused the bad situation.

Ex: Dan shoot the messenger when he threatened to knock John down after he told him about the broken window.

Don’t see the point of something – used to say that something is useless.

Ex: I don’t see the point of buying a new TV when we’ve already got two of them.

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