Phrasal Verbs with ‘Over’

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In today’s lesson you will learn eight phrasal verbs with ‘over’.

TAKE OVER – to have control of something.
Ex: A much bigger company took over the business.

PULL OVER – To move on the side of the road.
Ex: The police officer asked him to pull over.

SLEEP OVER – to spend the night in another place than your own.
Ex: I let the children sleep over at Sam’s.

RUN OVER – to drive over someone or something with a vehicle.
Ex: Paul ran over a cat with his car.

TALK SOMETHING OVER – to discuss a problem or a plan with someone.
Ex: Let me talk this over with my husband before I make up my mind.

BE OVER SOMEONE/SOMETHING – to move on from, to finish.
Ex: He broke up with his girlfriend last month but I don’t think he’s over her yet.

BE ALL OVER SOMETHING – be very interested or involved in something.
Ex: That product was a big hit and many companies were all over it.

GO (LOOK) OVER – to look at something in a detailed way.
Ex: They must go over the project before they implement it.


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