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10 PEACE expressions

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Here are 10 “peace” expressions that can help you be more eloquent and sound smarter when you speak English.

Make peace

If you make peace with someone, then you reconcile with them. It means that you had an argument or stopped talking to each other in the past and then started being on friendly terms once again.

Ex: Jane didn’t talk to Samantha for years but they made peace at their mutual friend’s birthday party last weekend.

Bring about peace

When parties involved in war bring about peace, it means that they cause peace to happen.

Ex: The most efficient way to bring about peace in the country is to negotiate.
It took them a long time to bring about peace but it was worth it.

10 Peace expressions

Hold/keep your peace

If you hold your peace, you are unwilling to talk about something for some reason.

Ex: Many people had witnessed the crime but held their peace because they were afraid of revenge.
Sean didn’t want to argue with his wife so he kept his peace.

Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet means free from disturbance.

Ex: We moved to the country for some peace and quiet.
I love this park. There are so many places here where you can find peace and quiet.

Peace of mind

The expression peace of mind is related to a feeling of safety, being worriless.

Ex: Would you please lock the gate for my peace of mind?
I want you to be worriless, feel secure and have peace of mind.

10 Peace expressions

At peace

If somebody is old and ill and doesn’t have much to hope for in this life, after they die, we can say that they are at peace, because they no longer suffer.

Ex: Poor grandma! I miss her so much but I’m glad that she’s finally at peace.

On the other hand, if you feel calm and not worried about anything, you can say that you’re at peace, too.

Ex: Jeniffer didn’t like the crowd; whenever she was alone, she was at peace.

At peace with

You can also be at peace with yourself or at peace with the world, which means that you don’t have any emotional conflicts with yourself or with other people.

Ex: Once you make up your mind, you’ll be at peace with yourself.
When you are near me, I feel like I’m at peace with the whole world.

Rest in peace

We usually say this to express hope that the deceased person’s spirit will find peace.

Ex: May his soul rest in peace!

Leave in peace

If you don’t want to bother someone, if you leave them alone, you can say that you leave them in peace.

Ex: I’m so sorry to hear that. Will you please leave me in peace now?
You’re bothering her. Will you stop and leave her in peace?


A peacemaker is someone who mediates between two sides involved in a war or some kind of argument. It also refers to a person or a group of people who try to help establish peace.

Ex: Whenever I argued with my sister, mum would step out as a peacemaker.
United Nations have played a role of a world peacemaker for many decades.

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