Prepositions of time – in, on, at are used to specify the time. We normally use:




With IN, we use the following time expressions:

  • parts of the day – in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening
  • months – in February, in August
  • seasons – in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter
  • years – in 2017, in the 1990s

With ON, we use the following time expressions:

  • days of the week – on Monday / on Sundays, on Monday morning
  • dates – on 27th October
  • specific days – on my birthday, on New Years’s Eve

With AT, we use the following time expressions:

  • specific time – at 5 pm, at 11:30
  • points of the day – at noon, at night
  • holidays and special days – at Christmas, at Easter
  • at the weekend
Prepositions of time - IN, ON, AT
Prepositions of time – IN, ON, AT

Fill in the gaps with in, on or at

1. My birthday is ____ April.  

2. Tom never works ____ weekends. 

3. I like to watch films ____ the evening. 

4. My grandma was born ____ 1962. 

5. The meeting is ____ 3 o’clock. 

6. We always go skiing ____ winter. 

7. We have basketball training ____ Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

8. What time do you usually go to bed ____ night? 

9. We have to get up ____ sunrise tomorrow. 

10. This shop is always closed _____Sundays.


  1. in, 2. at, 3. in, 4. in, 5. at, 6. in, 7. on, 8. at, 9. at, 10. on
Prepositions of time - IN, ON, AT
Prepositions of time – IN, ON, AT

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