Prepositions of Place – AT, IN, ON

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Prepositions of Place IN, ON, AT

There is a lot of confusion about the prepositions of place AT, IN, ON. They are used to locate something, however, it is not always clear when to use which preposition. 

Here are some explanations altogether with example sentences..


AT is used to describe the position of something at a particular place. It refers to a specific spot.

  • at the desk/table/computer
  • at the bus (railway) station, airport
  • at the entrance /door /gate
  • at the crossroads /junction
  • at the top of the mountain/hill/ building
  • at Clare’s house/at home

Example sentences:

  • They were very proud when they arrived at the top of the mountain.
  • You can call me on my stable phone. I’ll be at home all day.
  • Jane was standing at the door when she saw them coming.


IN is used to describe the position of something within a closed space.


  • In a bus / car / taxi
  • In a building / restaurant/ cafe / school / hospital
  • In a bag / suitcase / wallet
  • In London / New York
  • In Mexico / the UK
  • in the news / magazine / newspaper

Example sentences:


  • She found some clothes in her wardrobe.
  • She was watching around while driving in a taxi.
  • I’ve never lived in Mexico.


ON is used to describe a position on top of a surface of something.


  • On the wall/ ceiling
  • On the table / desk / shelf
  • On the floor / carpet / rug
  • On a street / road
  • On a river / beach / coast / island
  • On the website / page / screen

Example sentences:

  • They hang a picture on the wall.
  • Your keys are on the table.
  • You can find more information about ticket reservations on this website.

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