Adjectives Ending in “-less”

We can add the suffix –less (meaning without) to some nouns and create a new adjective.  Here are some of them:

Helpless – not able to do something, powerless.
They were helpless during the storm.

Endless – Being or seeming to be without end.
The queue in front of the cashier seemed endless.

Harmless – not capable of causing damage.
Don’t worry about the dog, it’s harmless.

Heartless – cruel, careless.
People who get rid of their pets are heartless.

Fearless – have no fear.
Superman is fearless.

Careless – not paying enough attention.
Tom has to pay a fine for careless driving.

Homeless – be without a place to live.
10,000 people have been made homeless in yesterday’s earthquake.

Worthless – have no value.
That dress is beautiful but it’s worthless if it doesn’t fit you.

Priceless – extremely valuable.
Some of Van Gogh’s paintings are priceless.

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