We can add the suffix –less (meaning without or not sufficient) to some nouns and create a new adjective.  Here are 20 adjectives ending in -less to add to your vocabulary:


Meaning: not paying enough attention.

  • Tom has to pay a fine for careless driving.


Meaning: being or seeming to be without end.

  • When Thomas looked at the queue in front of the cashier, it seemed endless.


Meaning: have no fear.

  • Sara is a fearless woman who’s always wanted to work for the police.


Meaning: not capable of causing damage.

  • Don’t worry about the dog because it’s harmless.


Meaning: cruel, careless.

  • People who get rid of their pets are heartless.


Meaning: not able to do something, powerless.

  • They were helpless during the storm.


Meaning: be without a place to live.

  • 10,000 people were made homeless in yesterday’s earthquake.


Meaning: without hope, desperate.

  • The firefighters tried to stop the fire from spreading but it was hopeless.


 Meaning: unemployed

  • Although he’s applied with many companies, he’s been jobless for four months.


Meaning: stupid, without purpose.

  • I don’t want my child to grow watching mindless violence on TV.


Meaning: which causes no pain.

  • An operation took only five minutes; but most importantly, it was totally painless.


Meaning: who/which has no power.

  • Although she was a a doctor, Anna felt powerless to help her ill child.


Meaning: extremely valuable.

  • Some of Van Gogh’s paintings are priceless.


Meaning: unable to calm down.

  • As the day went by, Peter got restless because there was no news about his friend.
 Adjectives ending in -LESS
Adjectives ending in -LESS


Meaning: Meaningless and foolish.

  • The terrorist attack was a senseless tragedy.


Meaning: unable to sleep.

  • Rita spent so many sleepless nights worrying about money.


Meaning: not able to speak because of shock or astonishment.

  • Sara was staring speechless at her husband when he told her he was leaving.


Meaning: having no flavour.

  • The sandwich she ate was dry and tasteless, but she was starving so she didn’t mind.


Meaning: not useful or effective.

  • Simona wanted to call the police but her phone was broken and useless.


Meaning: have no value.

  • That dress is beautiful but it’s worthless if it doesn’t fit you
Adjectives ending in -LESS
Adjectives ending in -LESS

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