Questions with prepositions at the end

Questions with Prepositions at the End

Hi, dear readers! Are you having a problem understanding or making questions which end with a preposition? For example: WHO do you go WITH? Or WHERE do you come FROM? These are some of the easier ones, but my students hardly ever understand that it means WITH WHO did you go? and FROM WHERE do you come (originate). These questions are a bit tricky, especially if the sentence is long. But let’s look at some typical questions with prepositions at the end so you can understand them better.

Questions in English

Questions in English

Hi dear English learners. I’ve had lots of requests related to making questions in English. It seems to be a tricky grammar topic. I’m sure it can’t be that difficult, but we should definitely try to clear some things out. Basically, there are two types of questions in English – yes/no questions and wh-questions. However, things aren’t that simple because many students don’t understand wh-questions with a preposition at the end of a sentence (ex. Who are you waving at?) or reported questions, question tags, etc. which I’ll try to cover in this lesson with lots of example sentences.

Inversion in English

Hi dear English learners. We’re going to learn some grammar today. You probably know that there is standard word order in English. It means that, among other things, a subject usually comes before a verb. However, sometimes the verb comes before the subject and we call it inversion. Let’s find out when we use inversion in English.

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