Time Conjunctions in English

Time Conjunctions in English

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will talk about time conjunctions.
As you probably know, we use conjunctions to join sentences. Time conjunctions tell us the time when things happen. Here is the list of 9 time conjunctions we will be discussing in today’s lesson:
Until/by the time
As soon as

Phrasal verbs for daily routines

15 Phrasal Verbs for Daily Routines

Hello English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at phrasal verbs for daily routines. Daily routine refers to common activities we are engaged in every day.

At first glance, phrasal verbs look simple and easy to learn and some of them really are. However, they tend to have different meanings in various contexts and they can be quite difficult to remember because they consist of two or three words. It is very important that you try and learn as many of them as you can as without knowing them you will not be able to understand the informal context.

Nature vs Countryside vs Environment vs Wildlife

Nature vs Countryside vs Environment vs Wildlife

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. Good vocabulary is a foundation for communication skills. We use it to express our thoughts and ideas and improve communication. We need to understand the meanings of the words clearly in order to use them properly. In today’s lesson, we will look at the meanings of the words nature, countryside, environment and wildlife and discuss the differences between them.

English idioms about tea

10 English Idioms about Tea

Tea has been a big part of British culture ever since the seventeenth century. You can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all around your day, with sugar, lemon or even milk. Afternoon tea is a light meal typically eaten between 3 pm and 5 pm when you can relax and forget about your problems with a cup of tea and a sandwich or a scone, also known as tea and crumpets. In that sense, let’s look at ten commonly used English idioms related to tea.

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