Yellow Idioms and Ways of Using the Word Yellow

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at the yellow idioms and ways of using the word yellow.

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Yellow usually refers to the absence of courage, so we can tell that someone is yellow if we mean that he or she is a coward.

Rob was too yellow to ask his boss for a promotion.

Yellow Idioms and Ways of Using the Word Yellow

We say that the leaves turn yellow in autumn and a football referee gives a yellow card to a player as a warning for the player’s conduct. Clouds in the sky can turn yellow in the evening and pages of old books can become yellow because of old age.

Yellow traffic light precedes the red light, so the drivers understand that they need to prepare to stop.

Yellow pages are telephone directories of businesses where you can find names and addresses of businesses and the services they offer.

They looked for a wedding agency in the Yellow Pages.

A journalism which is focused on sensationalism in order to attract readers is called yellow journalism. Related to that is a yellow journalist.

Yellow Idioms and Ways of Using the Word Yellow

Let’s look at the idioms using the colour yellow.

  1. Yellow streak
  2. Yellow brick road
  3. Yellow-bellied
  4. Yellow cake

A yellow streak

If you have or show a yellow streak, you act in a cowardly way.

  • Mark is not very brave, he has a yellow streak in him.
  • A new lifeguard seemed alright at the job interview but then he showed a yellow streak when a woman was drowning.

Yellow brick road

If you walk the yellow brick road, your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.

  • When he got a new job, Stephen thought it was the beginning of the yellow brick road.
  • Sandra has been dreaming about walking down the yellow brick road of fame since she was a child.

Yellow Idioms and Ways of Using the Word Yellow


A yellow-bellied person is a coward, a person who can be frightened easily.

  • Tom was a yellow-bellied man who didn’t have enough courage to ask his girlfriend to marry him.
  • Despite all his boasting, he was still a yellow-bellied guy without much ambition.

Yellow cake

A yellow cake is a rich cake yellow in colour because of too many egg yolks used in it.

  • Monica made a big heavy yellow cake for her son’s birthday.

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Yellow Idioms and Ways of Using the Word Yellow

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