18 Prepositional Phrases with FOR

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at prepositional phrases with for which can help you improve your vocabulary significantly and understand English even better.

Here is the list of prepositional phrases with for:

  1. As for
  2. For ever
  3. For all
  4. For now
  5. For fun
  6. For hire
  7. For long
  8. For real
  9. For sure
  10. For nothing
  11. To die for
  12. For instance
  13. For a laugh
  14. For a song
  15. For starters
  16. For the better
  17. For a change
  18. Be meant for

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As for (someone/something)

Meaning: regarding someone or something.

  • As for food and drinks for the party, don’t worry, it’s all been taken care of.

For ever

Meaning: for good, for eternity.

  • Unfortunately, many forests on the planet have gone for ever.

For all

Meaning: in spite of.

  • For all my efforts, the plant remained small and eventually wilted.

For now

Meaning: until later.

  • I’ll leave the door open for now and we’ll close it later.

For fun

Meaning: for entertaining purposes.

  • Peter liked playing the guitar for fun.

For hire

Meaning: available for rent.

  • There was a beautiful cottage for hire by the lake.

For long

Meaning: for a long time.

  • Laura likes travelling. She never stays at home for long.

For real

Meaning: used to say that something is serious.

  • The first fire alarm was false but the second one was for real.

For sure

Meaning: without a doubt.

  • The police don’t know for sure what happened.

For nothing

Meaning: for free; without any purpose.

  • He gave his old piano for nothing.
  • They are arguing for nothing.

To die for

Meaning: use the phrase when you want something very much.

  • The shoes I saw are to die for. I have to buy them.

For instance

Meaning: for example.

  • People in Switzerland, for instance, speak four languages.

For a laugh

Meaning: for entertainment.

  • They made a prank for a laugh but it turned into an argument.

For a song

Meaning: very cheaply.

  • We bought a car for a song.

For starters

Meaning: use the phrase to say that something is the first in the list.

  • For starters, we’ll visit the museum and then we’ll go for a walk.

For the better

Meaning: to be improved.

  • Our mum’s health changed for the better.

For a change

Meaning: contra to what things usually happen.

  • Why don’t you pay us a drink sometimes, for a change?

Be meant for

Meaning: perfectly suited for someone or something.

  • John and Lucy are meant for each other.

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Prepositional phrases with FOR
Prepositional phrases with FOR

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