Other Ways to Say ALTHOUGH

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at other ways to say “although”.

Here is the list:

  • Though
  • Despite the fact that
  • Notwithstanding
  • Regardless
  • Even if
  • On the contrary
  • Even so

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Other ways to say ALTHOUGH

Although is a subordinating conjunction meaning “despite something”. We use it in formal and informal speaking and writing, usually to express contrast.

  • Although he didn’t feel well, he went to work.
  • Mark tried to persuade his customer to buy the insurance, although it was obvious that he wasn’t interested. 


Meaning: although and though are synonymous words; unlike although, we can use though at the end of a sentence. It is often used in the phrase “even though” for bigger emphasis.

  • Though my computer is a bit old, it still works very well.
  • She seemed calm, her eyes were tearing, though.
  • Their love didn’t grow weaker even though they lived in different countries.

Despite/in spite (of) the fact that

Meaning: regardless of.

  • Martin was a good swimmer, despite the fact that he was a bit overweight.
  • Despite the fact that I helped him a lot in the past, he refused to give me a hand when I needed it.
  • He wasn’t breathing heavily in spite of the fact that he’d been running for half an hour.

Other ways to say ALTHOUGH


Meaning: although, despite the fact mentioned, regardless of.

  • They decided to get married, notwithstanding their parents’ disapproval.
  • Notwithstanding your objections, I think we should continue preparations for the big match.

Regardless (of)

Meaning: despite, without being affected or influenced by something.

  • It was raining heavily, but Jane kept walking regardless.
  • Regardless of how often I complained about the service in the supermarket, they’ve never changed.

Even if

Meaning: use the phrase to say that whatever you do, the result will be the same.

  • Even if I drive to the airport, I’ll miss the flight.
  • I’m afraid that the patient will not recover even if she survives.

On the contrary

Meaning: use the phrase to say that you think the opposite of the thing mentioned.

  • We shouldn’t turn our back on bullying in our school. On the contrary, we should encourage the children to recognize and report bullies.
  • The risk of accidents on the road wasn’t decreased; on the contrary, it was increased.

Even so

Meaning: use the phrase to say something contrasting to the fact mentioned before.

  • Sandra had a sore throat but even so, she went to the pub with her friends.
  • Sean made a lot of spelling mistakes in his essay; even so, it was an interesting reading.

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Other ways to say ALTHOUGH
Other ways to say ALTHOUGH

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