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How to Use “So” and “Such” Correctly

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In today’s post, we will be learning how to use “so” and “such” correctly.

“So” and “such” both mean “very”. They are used to strengthen the meaning of adjectives.

SO is an adverb and it is used before an adjective without a noun.

For example:

The film was so boring.
My neighbours are so loud.

SUCH is a determiner and it is used before an adjective that comes with a noun.

For example:

It is such a lovely day today.
This water pipe is such a nuisance.

SO AND SUCH are also used with THAT-clause:

He was so sleepy that he could barely keep his eyes open.
The dress was such a bargain that I had to buy it.


  • Use “such”, not “so” before a noun phrase with the indefinite article:
    • It was such a lovely party! (Not: It was so lovely party!)

  • Use “so”, not “such” before adverbs:
    • She sings so beautifully. (Not: She sings such beautifully)
How to use “so” and “such” correctly

Here are more example sentences:

  • My dog is so fat. It is such a fat dog.
  • Your new boyfriend is so nice. He is such a nice guy.
  • It is so hot today. Today is such a hot day.
  • His offer was so attractive that I couldn’t reject it. It was such an attractive offer that I couldn’t reject it.
  • Mary was so tired when she came home from work. It was such a tiring day for Mary.

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