Word building: suffix -OUS

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When we add the suffix -OUS to the nouns, they become adjectives.

The suffix -OUS means “full of” or “having the quality of”.

Let’s look at some commonly used adjectives ending in -OUS:

ENVIOUS – wanting something that another person has.
Ex: You shouldn’t be envious of people who have more than you do.

DANGEROUS – can cause harm.
Ex: Smoking is a dangerous habit.

FAMOUS – known by way many people.
Ex: Jennifer Lopez is very famous.

AMBITIOUS – having a strong desire for success.
Ex: John was ambitious when he was young.

MIRACULOUS – unusually surprising and unexpected.
Ex: Houdini made a miraculous escape from the ropes.

NERVOUS – worried.
Ex: I’m always nervous before an exam.

MYSTERIOUS – difficult to understand.
Ex: The woman disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

JEALOUS – unhappy because you wish you had something that is quality or belongs to another person.
Ex: Rhina is jealous of her ex-husband’s new wife.

POISONOUS – a substance able to cause illness or death.
Ex: We saw a poisonous snake this morning. We were really scared.

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