Words and Phrases Followed by Gerund

Just in case you are not familiar with gerund and you’ve already reached a pre-intermediate level, then you must read this lesson. It is about words and phrases followed by gerund.

What is gerund?

A gerund is a verb form with the ending -ing that combines the features of a noun and a verb.

Swimming is good for you.
I don’t mind helping you move house.

When do we use gerund?

1. We can use gerund as a noun:

Smoking is bad for you.
Flying always makes me nervous.

2. After preference verbs: love, like, dislike, enjoy, fancy, hate, etc.

I hate waking up early.
Sarah enjoys spending her holiday in the Bahamas.
Thomas fancies going to clubs.

3. After ‘go’ for physical activities:

We went skiing last winter.
John goes running every morning.

4. After certain verbs, such as: suggest, avoid, mind, admit, spend, imagine, deny, prevent, finish, start, propose, keep, consider, etc.

Jack has finished working.
The children admitted breaking the window.
Monica avoided driving during the rush hour.
Would you mind not smoking here?
They suggested flying to India.
Will you stop teasing him?
They are considering living in London.
Although it was very hot, they kept walking.

5. After expressions: can’t stand, be busy, be worth, be used to, give up, feel like, have trouble, look forward to, seem/look like, it’s (no) use, there’s no point, etc.

Fay couldn’t stop thinking about Martin and his proposal.
I am looking forward to seeing you next week.
Sarah was busy packing in the other room so she couldn’t hear the doorbell.
How difficult is it to give up eating sugar?
It seems like raining.
It’s no use buying winter clothes if you live in a tropical country.
I am used to eating breakfast as soon as I get up.

6. After prepositions

After some time, Sylvia got tired of waiting.
He left without taking his umbrella.
Our children are interested in learning foreign languages.
The student was punished for cheating on the exam.
Heidi improved her essay by adding a few linkers.
Take this medicine in case of feeling worse.
Why don’t you ask someone to help you instead of doing it alone?
Don’t forget to take your sandwich before leaving.

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Words and phrases followed by gerund
Words and phrases followed by gerund

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