Words and Phrases Followed by Gerund

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I despise waking up early.

I succeeded in finishing my project on time.

Jane has been avoiding seeing Michael ever since they had an argument.

The kids admitted stealing the statue from the park.

I enjoy eating a hearty breakfast.

It’s no use looking for your pencil. Here, take mine.

I’m busy scheduling.

He apologized for being rude.

Jack thought he could escape doing his housework.

I am accustomed to working in here.

There is no point in lying.

I am used to going to bed late.

They go skiing every winter.

They shouldn’t waste time playing video games.

I don’t like people who enter the room without knocking.

He dreams of graduating college.

I find enjoyable playing cricket on Saturdays.

We are looking forward to seeing them again.

I saw her painting her apartment.

John goes running every morning.

He started preparing for his exams.

She stopped working at 2.

They suggested flying to India.

I can’t stand being awake so late.

I love sleeping in my bed.

I remember telling her to be careful.

I proposed having a walk in the forest.

This place needs cleaning.

Not paying attention on time, he kept walking.

They are considering living in London.

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