Prefix ill-

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at past participle adjectives using the prefix ill-.

Here is the list:

  1. Ill-bred
  2. Ill-timed
  3. Ill-fated
  4. Ill-treated
  5. Ill-advised
  6. Ill-behaved
  7. Ill-defined
  8. Ill-founded
  9. Ill humoured
  10. Ill-judged
  11. Ill-suited
  12. Ill-equipped
  13. Ill-informed
  14. Ill-mannered
  15. Ill-prepared
  16. Ill-tempered

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Prefix ill-

The meaning ill- is bad or not suitable.


Meaning: being rude and impolite, especially if no one taught you how to behave.

  • In the seventeenth century, loud speech in public places was considered ill-bred behaviour.


Meaning: said, done or happening at the wrong time.

  • His mother-in-law’s comments were often ill-timed and inappropriate.


Meaning: unlucky, with a sad ending such as death.

  • I still remember the day when that ill-fated plane crashed in the mountains.


Meaning: to be treated badly, especially by using violence.

  • The woman who murdered her husband admitted that she was ill-treated.


Meaning: not very sensible, likely to have bad consequences.

  • You would be ill-advised to go hitchhiking while in Greece.

Prefix ill-


Meaning: behaving in a rude and upsetting way.

  • Brian had an ill-behaved dog that would attack and bite people entering their yard.


Meaning: not clearly explained or described.

  • The doctors couldn’t prescribe an adequate cure because the disease was ill-defined.


Meaning: based on something that is not true.

  • The results of the survey were ill-founded because they were not based on true facts.

Ill- humoured

Meaning: easily annoyed; in a bad mood.

  • Mark didn’t want to have a serious discussion with his wife because she was ill-humoured.


Meaning: that has not been thought of enough.

  • Simon’s ill-judged decision to sell his car was a very bad one.


Meaning: not suited or useful for a particular situation.

  • Martin seemed ill-suited for the job.


Meaning: without equipment or enough quality to do something.

  • After the war, the school was ill-equipped to meet the needs of the children.

Prefix ill-


Meaning: having insufficient knowledge of something.

  • Unfortunately, the public is usually ill-informed thanks to the fake news they read or listen to.


Meaning: behaving rudely in social situations.

  • Martin would become an ill-mannered man after a few drinks so people avoided inviting him to parties.


Meaning: not ready for a situation, especially if you haven’t expected something to happen.

  • The inhabitants of the island were ill-prepared for the earthquake so it hit them terribly.


Meaning: easily annoyed, especially when it seems inappropriate or unreasonable.

  • John was an ill-tempered and rude man who easily got into arguments and fights with people.

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Prefix ill-
Prefix ill-

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