Other Ways to Say IN ORDER TO

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at other ways to say IN ORDER TO.

“In order to” is a conjunction we normally use to express purpose.

  • Sandra was doing yoga every evening in order to relax and sleep better.
  • In order to make more money, Mark took another job.
  • The Petersons moved to the country in order to have peace and quiet.

“In order to” is used in a formal context such as writing or giving a lecture; in everyday situations, we use “to”.

  • He went downtown to meet a friend.
  • To stay slim, she avoided eating dinner.

Here is the list of words and phrases we can use instead of “in order to”:

  • So (that)
  • With the aim of/aiming to
  • With the intention of/intending to
  • For the purpose of
  • To meet the needs of
  • With an eye to

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So (that)

Meaning: a conjunction we use to say why someone does something or what the result of some doing is.

  • We’ve also been invited to the wedding, so I’ll see you there.
  • Her parents bought her a piano so that she could practice at home.

Find more about using the word “so” on this link.

With the aim of/aiming to

Meaning: as a means of achieving a specific goal. Remember to use the gerund after with the aim of.

  • She visited her home town with the aim of seeing an old friend.
  • The Ministry planned to cut taxes aiming to stimulate the country’s economy.

With the intention of/intending to

Meaning: with the plan or intention to do something.

  • Martha went to the supermarket with the intention of buying some cheese for the pie.
  • Mark borrowed the money from the bank, intending to repay it by the next year.

For the purpose of

Meaning: in order to.

  • They surveyed 100 people for the purpose of the study.
  • The police arrested two men for the purpose of asking them some questions.

To meet the needs of

Meaning: which is intended to be used for a particular purpose.

  • The course is designed to meet the needs of intermediate language learners.
  • The health service was structured to meet the needs of all age groups.

With an eye to

Meaning: with the intention of, in order to.

  • They bought a cottage with an eye to turn it into a motel.
  • One should always make plans with an eye to the future.

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Other ways to say IN ORDER TO

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