Words and Phrases to Use instead of BUT 

Hi dear English learners! Are you writing an essay? Are you struggling with linking words? Well, luckily, we are learning 14 different words and phrases to use instead of but today, so keep reading. 😀

  • However
  • Nevertheless / nonetheless
  • Yet
  • Although/though
  • Even so
  • Even though
  • Still
  • Despite/in spite of 
  • Except (for)
  • By/in contrast

But is a conjunction that connects two opposite or contrasting words or sentences. 

  • Sara was very quiet but I was sure she wasn’t sleeping.
  • Robert is a short guy but very well-built.
  • His parents will come for sure but his sisters won’t.

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of BUT 


Use however as a contrast to the previous statement. It usually goes at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.

  • The product sold out in a short time. However, the price was very low, so it wasn’t surprising.
  • I am a bit afraid of going hiking in the mountains; I’m willing to try, however.
  • Martha prepared her presentation with great care; however, she didn’t feel quite confident about presenting it.

Nevertheless / nonetheless

Use nevertheless and nonetheless to say that something is surprising or different from something else. They are usually placed at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.

  • The two countries had disputes for many years; nevertheless, they still decided to unite into a new country.
  • Marathon can often be very painful and exhausting. Nonetheless, over a million people take part in it every year.
  • It wasn’t easy to lose all that excess weight, but she did lose it with ease, nevertheless.

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of BUT 


Use yet to show surprise as a  contrast to the previous statement.

  • The house seemed old and shabby, yet stable and solid.
  • There wasn’t much water in that area. Yet, people didn’t save it at all.
  • The old man seemed strange, yet kind and hospitable.


Use although and though to show surprise or contrast. We normally use although at the beginning of a sentence; however, though can be placed at the end.

  • Although the house was small, it was functional and had a beautiful big garden.
  • He said that he’ll drop us up on his way although he didn’t say when exactly.
  • She didn’t sleep much last night; she did her job excellently, though.

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of BUT 

Even so

Use even so to say that something surprising is true in contrast to something previously mentioned.

  • It was a beautiful spring day; even so, Celia preferred to stay in.
  • The horse was not in its prime youth but even so, it won the race.
  • His voice was soft and pleasant but even so, what he said scared her.

Even though

Even though is similar to even so. Use it to make a contrast to the previous statement.

  • Ethan was eating a lot even though the doctor told him to go on a diet.
  • Even though I’m an engineer I am totally useless at finding what’s wrong with the car.
  • Even though she was dead tired, Tara kept on working.

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of BUT 


Use still to say that something is true despite the previously stated (usually opposite) fact.

  • Sara knew that it wasn’t very wise to go out during the storm, but still, she had to check if her children were safe.
  • Stuart studied really hard but still had bad grades.
  • They knew they’ll never win the championship but still, they enjoyed playing the game.

Despite/in spite of 

Use despite and in spite of to say that something is true even though something else can prevent it.

  • Despite the lack of education, she wrote some lovely stories for children.
  • Peter was surprised to see that his mother was so independent in spite of her illness.
  • Simon didn’t slow down despite his wife’s complaining.

Except (for)

Use except to mention the only thing or person which is not included.

  • Thomas was dressed all in white except for the black bow tie.
  • It was a lovely sunny day except for the wind blowing.
  • Sandra knew nothing about it except what she read in books.

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of BUT 

By/in contrast

By contrast and in contrast mean the same. Use them to show contrast or difference between things or people. By contrast refers to the subject, while in contrast is followed by to or with + noun/noun clause.

  • They could see a vast dark body of water in front of them in contrast with the bright blue sky.
  • People who live in big cities, by contrast, are used to noise and pollution.
  • David’s kindness and humility were in sharp contrast to his friend’s impolite behaviour.
Words and Phrases to Use instead of BUT
Words and Phrases to Use instead of BUT 
Words and Phrases to Use Instead of BUT
Words and Phrases to Use Instead of BUT

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