Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples

Hi dear English learners!  We often write texts using the same words and phrases which becomes boring after some time. Let’s try to include more variety in your English speech and writing.  Here are 13 different words and phrases to use for giving examples.

  • For example
  • For instance
  • Such as
  • E.G.
  • I.E.
  • Examples include
  • Namely
  • Specifically
  • In particular
  • Imagine
  • Similarly
  • In case of
  • In other words

Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples

For example

Use for example to introduce the facts that support something or as a list with examples.

  • Global warming causes natural disasters, for example, floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc.
  • Let’s say, for example, that many women today are capable of bringing their children up by themselves.
  • The allergy you’ve got may be related to something you ate, for example, tomatoes or dairy products.

For instance

This is just another way of saying for example.

  • This software can translate from a few languages, for instance, Spanish or German, to English.
  • In many countries, for instance, Montenegro and Egypt, Christians celebrate Christmas in January.
  • What can you do, for instance, if a hotel guest gets stuck in an elevator?

Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples

Such as

Use such as to give examples of something.

  • People on low-carb diets avoid eating carbohydrates such as bread, rice or potatoes.
  • House appliances such as air conditioning and dishwasher are no longer luxury. 
  • People with poor vision usually wear corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses.


An abbreviation e.g. stands for Latin phrase exempli gratia, meaning for example. We use it in writing rather than in speaking language.

  • On farms, people keep domestic animals, e.g. cows, pigs, chickens, etc.
  • Always use the definite article the before the names of the states which are groups of countries or islands, e.g. The USA, The Philippines…
  • When looking for an apartment, people usually choose the ones that are near some institutions, e.g. schools, hospitals, and similar.

Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples


An abbreviation i.e. (Lat. id est, meaning that is, or in other words) is also be used for giving examples.

  • Please, find enclosed documents, i.e. CV, cover letter and copy of diploma.
  • This film is only for adults, i.e. for people over 18.
  • When you are out with your dog you need to have a litter collector i.e. plastic bag, tissue or similar to collect the litter after your dog.

Examples include

Use the phrase to introduce several examples.

  • The college offers a few courses taught in French. Examples include the French language, French History and Culture and Literature Written in French.
  • There were so many significant inventions in the 20th century that changed the world. Examples include airplanes, cars, television, computer and the internet.

Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples


Use it to give a specific example.

  • The Rainbow Bridge connects two countries; namely, the USA and Canada.
  • Two students were awarded, namely Robert Mitcham and Michael Thorough.
  • The film was inspired by a life of a real person, namely Mary Connor.


Use the word to give a specific reason or purpose for something.

  • These coats were designed specifically for men.
  • We went to Spain specifically to visit Barcelona.

Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples

In particular

Use the phrase to give a specific example.

  • He mentioned a few reasons for concern when it comes to children’s safety, but he stressed drugs in particular.
  • The things I liked about the house we saw are in particular the heating system and the kitchen.


Use imagine when you want people to visualise examples.

  • Of course, you mustn’t talk on your mobile while driving. Imagine what it would be like if people were allowed to talk and drive.
  • Imagine a situation where you are retired and your children left home and have families of their own.

Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples


Use similarly to add a similar example.

  • We taught our children to respect elderly people. Similarly, we taught them to be modest.
  • His first book had a huge success. Similarly, his second book made him a fortune because they made a film after it.

In case of

Use it to give an example of something.

  • All people present in the building should leave it through the emergency exit in case of fire or earthquake.
  • They built a wall along the river in case of a flood.

Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples

In other words

Use the phrase to introduce a clarification or explanation.

  • A number of people are protesting in front of the government building. In other words, they want their requests to be considered.
  • The tax will affect people whose earnings are over £500,000 a year; in other words, rich.
Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples
Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples

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