Hello, dear English learners! I’ve prepared 10  English idioms with foot/feet for today’s lesson. So, get ready to add new vocabulary to your English. 😀

The idioms whose meaning we’re going to discover today are:

  1. Find your feet
  2. Land on your feet
  3. Get off on the wrong/right foot (with somebody)
  4. Put your feet up
  5. Sweep someone off their feet
  6. Be rushed off your feet
  7. Get your foot in the door
  8. Get cold feet
  9. Put your foot down
  10. Stand on your own two feet

Find your feet

Meaning: refers to a new situation in which you are supposed to be confident and familiar with.


When you first move to a new country, it takes you a  while to find your feet.

My new job is great. As soon as I find my feet I’ll write to you more about it.

Land on your feet

Meaning: If you land on your feet, you are lucky to end up fine in a difficult situation.


I was jobless for months and then I landed on my feet getting this job with so little experience. 

I wouldn’t worry about Sam if I were you. She always lands on her feet.

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10 English Idioms with “Foot”

Get off on the right/wrong foot (with somebody)

Meaning: to make a good/bad start with someone.

My new job is great but it seems that I’ve got off on the wrong foot with the manager.

However, if you start your relationship well with somebody, you can say that you got off on the right foot with them.

Things are looking up. I seem to have got off on the right foot with my new boss.

Put your feet up

Meaning: to relax and rest when you are tired, with your feet supported off the ground.


Lorna was so tired that all she wanted was to go home and put her feet up.

After a long online meeting, Martin turned on the TV and put his feet up. 

Sweep someone off their feet

Meaning: if you rush someone off their feet, you make them like you strongly, usually in a romantic way.


Laura’s new neighbour was so charming that he swept her off her feet immediately.

Sean was swept off his feet by a much younger woman.

 10 English Idioms with "Foot"
10 English Idioms with “Foot”

Be rushed off your feet

Meaning: be extremely busy with your work.


There were 300 people at the wedding party. The waiters were rushed off their feet.

Having three children and a full-time job is really hard. I’m practically rushed off my feet every day.

Get your foot in the door

Meaning: be successful at the first stage of doing something. It usually refers to work.


Volunteering is a good way to get your foot in the door at that company.

It might not be the best job in the world, but you can use it to get your foot in the door.

Get cold feet

Meaning: to get nervous and anxious about doing something; start hesitating. 


Everything was alright in their relationship until they appointed the wedding day. All of a sudden, Michael got cold feet and they broke up.

Ryan got cold feet when he heard that they would transfer him to another town, away from his friends and family.

 10 English Idioms with "Foot"
10 English Idioms with “Foot”

Put your foot down

Meaning: if you put your foot down, you tell someone firmly that they must or mustn’t do something.


As a teacher, you just have to put your foot down sometimes, or the children will eat you alive.

When I realised that he’s been using my computer when I wasn’t in the office, I had to put my foot down.

Stand on your own two feet

Meaning: if you stand on your own two feet, then you are independent.


Ever since I was sixteen, I’ve been standing on my own two feet, without anybody’s help.

Our daughter is about to graduate soon. Hopefully, she’ll get a good job and be able to stand on her own two feet.

10 English idioms with "foot"

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